Seasons of Love by Harper BlissSeasons of Love by Harper Bliss is an age gap erotic romance and is my favourite book she’s put out so far. It’s a perfect blend of sexy and angsty and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Alice McAllister is a workaholic lawyer from London who’s finally taking a vacation from her orderly, boring life. Her quiet time in Portugal at her business partner’s holiday home is quickly turned on its head when Miranda’s daughter, Joy, shows up for a vacation of her own.

Joy is young and vibrant, frequently provoking Alice with her words and her choice to not wear many clothes. After 15 years on her own, Alice is surprised to find herself feeling the stir of attraction, and is especially surprised because Joy is a woman and 22 years her junior. But would it really hurt to finally do something fun for a change? It’s not like things need to continue when they’re back in London.

The Characters

The story is told entirely in the first person from Alice’s perspective, so we get to know her best of all. She’s orderly and straight laced at the beginning, resentfully going on vacation because Miranda ordered her to. But with Joy’s aggravation and then attention, she slowly blossoms, realizing she didn’t need to be celibate and alone all of these years since her divorce. Her guilt at betraying Miranda is very real, and yet I love how she handles finally taking her own needs into consideration after putting Miranda first for decades.

Joy is the full embodiment of her name, chasing after happiness in everything she does, including her pursuit of older women. She’s confident and playful, giving her love freely to the people she cares most for in her life. She hasn’t figured out her career or overall life aspirations yet, making her the kind of millenial that boomers love to shake their fists at, and yet she never acts entitled.

Miranda is something we don’t see as often in lesfic: best friend to one half of the couple and mother to the other. Her reaction to the relationship feels authentic, even if it wasn’t quite what I expected at first.

The Writing Style

Seasons of Love is lushly written, and I frequently found myself slowing my reading so I could savour it. The move from annoyance to attraction to lust to, finally, love is paced well and the intrusion of real life in the second half of the novel ensures the tone stays balanced and never gets treacly.

The Narration

Oh. My. God. The narration is so, so good for Seasons of Love. I’ve never heard Carmen Rose read anything before, and she sounds so sexy and is the absolute perfect voice for Alice. I hope she narrates more lesfic books because I could listen to her all day.

The Pros

Great writing, amazing narration, explosive chemistry, characters and a relationship I was rooting for.

The Cons

Seasons of Love is a perfect example of why Harper Bliss is the queen of age gap romances. If you like them, be sure to pick this one up right away. While I’m partial to the audio version, you’ll have a good time no matter what format you choose.

Tara's Favourite Novels reviewed on on TheLesbianReview.comThe Conclusion

Harper Bliss is the queen of age gap romances. If you like them, be sure to pick this one up right away.

Excerpt from Seasons of Love by Harper Bliss

“Do you want to talk?”she asks.

“Freely, you mean?” This time, I stretch my legs, and lightly touch my shin to hers, so she knows that, despite not fully realising it until it occurred, I have thought of kissing her as well.

Joy giggles, then bites her bottom lip. “Well, Alice, if this is what happens when I keep my top on—and wear a bra when you come home—I do wonder where it will end once I fully dress up.”

I’m so grateful for how she defuses the tension, and her comment coaxes a laugh from me that is more than a nervous chuckle. And then, I want to kiss her again. So much so, in fact, that I’m the one rising from my chair, towering over her, and pressing my lips to hers. Instantly, her hands are in my hair, drawing me closer. And, this time, our mouths open at once, letting each other in, and I feel like I’m floating on air, like decades of ignoring the urge to be touched are being erased, dumped into oblivion without mercy, because as of now, I do want to be touched. Oh, I do.

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ISBN number: 978-9881420572

Publisher: Ladylit Publishing 

Audiobook Publisher: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Carmen Rose

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