Wake Me When It’s Over by Cheryl A HeadWake Me When It’s Over by Cheryl A. Head is the second book in the Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Series.

Charlie Mack and her talented team of private investigators have taken on a far-fetched assignment. They have to find out who is the mastermind behind an imminent attack on the biggest car fair of the year—the Detroit Auto Show. Every employee and department head is excited to be a part of this grand affair—this is also true for the killer for hire. Charlie and her team feel as though they are in way over their heads because they have to navigate the twisted web of half-truths, professional hit men, off-shore bank accounts and double crossing employees. As the bodies of slain associates begin to pile up with each passing day, Charlie works around the clock in order to find the killer and uncover a large quantity of concealed bombs before they wreak havoc on the Detroit Auto Show.

Will Charlie and her team be able to halt the deadly plan in its tracks and apprehend the assassin before it is too late?

The Characters

Charlene ‘Charlie’ Mack is a well-known private investigator. She struggles to find a healthy balance between her personal and professional life because she has a few hang ups about her sexuality and she wants to keep her budding relationship separate from her career. My heart really went out to Charlie because she tries her best to manage her team of investigators while she works feverishly toward uncovering a sinister plot that has the potential to claim the lives of thousands of people who would be at the Detroit Auto Show.

Mandy Porter is a police officer and she lends her assistance to Charlie and her team in order to help them get a few steps closer toward solving the life-threatening case. Mandy is totally awesome! I just love the way she faces danger head on while she protects the people who are close to her heart (Sigh… I think Mandy is going to be at the top of the list of fictional characters I’ve fallen in love with.)

The Writing Style

Once again, this author has enchanted me with her flawless writing and an intricate plot that kept me on my toes. I enjoyed this fast paced mystery because each scenario flowed seamlessly without a lag in the storyline and the witty banter between Charlie and her team members kept me entertained long into the night (I should have been sleeping but who needs sleep when they’re reading an enthralling story!)

The Pros

I got a two for one special with this story because I got to tag along with Charlie, Mandy and the entire Mack investigations crew and I learned a lot about the automobile industry. Plus, I think I found my dream car in the Cobo Hall showroom (I know I can’t afford it right now but a lady can indulge in a couple of her wildest fantasies, right?)

The Cons

There are graphic descriptions of murder, abduction and physical assault.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

There’s nothing I love more than following a character’s journey from one book to another and seeing how far they have come. This is definitely true for Charlie because she has taken so many huge and life altering steps and I am so proud of her progress. If you enjoy stories with character growth, blood-chilling danger lurking around every corner coupled with well-meaning and meddling administrative assistants, then this is certainly the story for you!

Excerpt from Wake Me When It’s Over by Cheryl A. Head

“Oh, and we got a call today from someone at the auto dealers association. Don took the call. He says we may have a new case.”

“I hope it doesn’t involve following anyone’s wife, mistress, or boyfriend.”

“How was the surveillance?” Don asked, his feet propped on his desk.


“Didn’t you take the hand warmers, Mack?”

“The next person to mention those damned hand warmers is fired.”

The four-person agency bore Charlie’s name because she was the principal investor. But things were actually much more egalitarian. Now, into the second year of their business, they had a reputation for hard work and good results. Like Gil, Charlie had met Don at DHS where he was a trainer. Judy had been inherited from the previous occupants of their office, and had made herself invaluable by managing their administrative work with the ferocity of a mother cougar. The agency’s success was built on their diverse experience, networks and mutual respect for each other.

“What did the auto dealers want?” Charlie asked.

“DADA called us?” Gil looked up from his desk with interest.

Gil’s uncle was a respected member of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, and owned three car dealerships in the metro area. Gil had been a top salesman for his uncle on and off for a dozen years, and still benefited from the relationship by driving the latest model car every year.

“Their executive board wants to see us. They have a problem of a sensitive nature and want a private meeting,” Don reported.

“What do they mean by private?” Gil asked.

“They don’t want us to reveal that we’re meeting with them.”

“And what’s their problem?” Charlie asked.

“There was a murder last week at Cobo Hall. A Chinese national. The police say it was a robbery gone bad. DADA thinks there might be more to it.”

“Why do they think so?” Gil asked.

“The dead guy was a member of the advance team for a Chinese auto exhibitor. The Chinese have a delegation at the auto show for the first time this year.”

“When do they want to meet?” Charlie asked, looking at her calendar.

“Tomorrow, and they want to come here.”

“Well, give them a call and tell them to come sometime after lunch,” Charlie said.

“I already told them two o’clock would work,” Don said, stacking the papers on the desk.

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