Vesting Period by Monica McCallan is a romance that is equal parts trendy and philosophical set in the entrepreneur world of San Francisco.

Carter is one of the creators of popular lesbian dating app, LadyLuck. She is in a rut, and at the urging of her friends, she goes on a date with someone her friends pick from the app.

Jamie is a business consultant in town for work. She doesn’t get close to people, and Carter is intended to be no exception.

After a disastrous date, Carter and Jamie keep running into each other. Their attraction is undeniable, but they can’t seem to have a conversation without it ending in an argument.

The Characters

Carter has this cool factor that stems from her openness to meeting new people and makes friends easily. She is comfortable moving through social situations and is generally very open. In contrast, Jamie is closed off to people though she certainly commands attention from those she works with. Both characters are confident in different ways which I love.

Their constant philosophical discussions are one of my favorite things about this novel.

The Writing Style

I’ve read a few of McCallan’s books and her style is always great. This is no exception. There is a mix of witty banter that develops a rich relationship between the characters along with subplots that enhance the story and add an element of realism to the characters’ lives.

My Favourite Parts

I loved the banter between Carter and Jamie, but I also loved the dynamic between the three LadyLuck team members. They welcome Jamie into their world with a warmth and acceptance that is a key theme within McCallan’s novels.

It’s rare that I highlight a subplot but I loved the storyline that developed with Jamie and the guys from RoomSeek. I was just as eager to see what happened next with their consulting plan as I was to see the romance progress.

Heads Up

This is book two in the LadyLuck series but it is also readable as a standalone.

The Conclusion

This is a thoroughly enjoyable addition to any romance lover’s library. If you love a little philosophical debate and plenty of sexual chemistry, this is a great novel to pick up.

Excerpt from Vesting Period by Monica McCallan

“So, what’s your story?” she asked neutrally, working to reorient the conversation to safer topics.

Carter cocked her head to the side like a confused puppy. “Story?”

“Just out of a relationship? In an open relationship? Serial online dater?” Jamie supplied.

“Oh…” Carter scrunched up her nose as she considered the options laid out in front of her. “None of the above?” she answered questioningly. “I don’t think people fit so neatly into boxes.”

Carter paused for a few moments, and Jamie scanned her face while in thought, working to detect Carter’s opinion of their exchange. She’d always been good at reading people, but she was having difficulty tracking the nuances of emotion that flashed across Carter’s features. She waited for the first time in a long time to hear the words that would come out to clarify the situation.

“I just think that people are more complicated than that. Any time you meet someone, you’re meeting them at an intersection of a million tiny points that frame who they are in this moment.” Carter blushed and ran her fingers through her long hair. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to become a philosophical conversation.”

“But does how they to where they are change where they are now?” Jamie pushed. She wasn’t generally interested in doing anything other than flirting or bantering, which, for her, was mostly just veiled flirting anyway. “Take consulting for example. While I do care to a certain extent what caused a company to be in its current position, it doesn’t where we are and how we need to proceed.”

Carter interjected almost immediately, and she placed her hands on top of the bar like she was drawing a diagram. “But if you don’t have context, you could recommend going back down a similar, failed path.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Jamie said resolutely.

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