Irregular Heartbeat by Chris ZettIrregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett is a workplace medical romance with an ice queen and a professional drummer who’s left the rock and roll life behind. If that sounds like a lot all in one book, trust me—it’s great!

After walking away from a residency ten years prior, Diana Petrell is starting all over again. What none of her colleagues in Seattle General Hospital’s emergency department know is that, for the last decade, she’s been living her life as Dee Dragon, drummer for a popular band.

Emily Barnes isn’t keen on mentoring another resident, especially not one with a mysterious gap on her resume. But every time she pushes Diana, Emily is pleasantly surprised to see her rise to the occasion and quickly learns that Diana isn’t as intimidated by her icy demeanor as everyone else at the hospital.

After an encounter at a bar, Emily learns about Diana’s past as Dee. Despite some misgivings, she agrees to keep Diana’s secret, since they both know it’s best for the hospital. As they spend more time together, both in and out of work, neither woman can fight the attraction that builds between them. Can their relationship stand the test when Diana’s past comes calling?

The Characters

The characters are developed well and Diana and Emily both have good, satisfying arcs. It’s especially fun to watch Emily thaw and grow to trust Diana. They make an excellent pair by the end and I was SO happy with their ending.

The Writing Style

Irregular Heartbeat is a super easy book to get into. The story is told well, the medical side of things is interesting and never gets into info overload territory, and the pacing is great too.

The Pros

Everything worked for me.

The Cons

I don’t have anything! Content warning for drug use and overdose if that’s a problem for anyone (and, no, it’s not either of the leads).

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

If medical romances are your jam, then you’ll love Irregular Heartbeat! It’s a lovely story and well worth checking out.

Excerpt from Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett

Why now? Diana had managed to avoid revealing the person behind her stage name for all her years in the music business. Fuck. Now that her medical career depended on keeping it a secret, she was found out in her first month—and by her attending of all people!

Diana needed a plan. Fast. Maybe Emily would help her?

She took a deep breath and willed her voice to sound normal. “Hi, Emily, nice to meet you.” She tried to plead with her eyes. Was it really possible to communicate that way? Hopefully, Emily got the message.

Emily swallowed several times. “Hi.” She was paler than ever and looked everywhere but at Diana.

Why was she so anxious? Because her friend had dragged her to a lesbian club? Diana turned to Jen, who had asked something she hadn’t caught.

Jen pointed to the bar and gave them a questioning look.

Great idea. “Another beer, please.” She could use something stronger but needed to keep her wits together.

Emily waited until her friend had been swallowed by the crowd around the bar. “Jen says you’re a rock star? How’s that possible? Are you even a real doctor?” Some color had returned to her cheeks as she progressed from shocked to accusatory.

Diana winced. Had anyone heard her? She looked around for a reaction, but everyone seemed to mind their own business. She took a step closer and leaned in to speak directly into Emily’s ear. “Of course I am a doctor. Everything I’ve told you about my work history was the truth.” The accusation hurt, but her pride wasn’t important now. “I don’t know what Jen said, but yes, I was a drummer in a rock band.”

Emily shook her head. “That’s just… I don’t know what to say.”

“Please, don’t say anything. To anyone. I can give you a longer explanation, but not here.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9783955339968
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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