I See You by Luna LopezI See You by Luna Lopez is a paranormal short story that shows love transcends.

Mia Jacobs is heartbroken after being dumped by her partner, Sarah. Now she’s left with an empty bank account, a broken down car and a huge amount of debt. Her life is spiraling. Then, one night while walking home, Mia finds herself standing opposite a house she has passed countless times. Over the years, it has stayed dark and unkept, but this night Mia is surprised to see a beautiful, young woman staring at her from the upstairs window.

Peeking into a stranger’s world isn’t something Mia makes a habit of, but the sadness in the woman’s eyes catches her attention.

Night after night, Mia finds herself outside the house, staring at this beautiful woman. Over time, an attraction begins to build, even though Mia knows nothing about her. Finally, she gets the courage to knock on the door. It opens and Mia meets Grace, who is just as beautiful and just as mysterious in person. Mia wants to know everything about her, but the truth maybe more than Mia is ready to hear.

Will Mia be able to accept what Grace has to offer? Or will the truth drive them apart for all eternity?

The Characters

Lopez does a great job of having the reader feel sympathy for Mia. She is a woman who, out of the blue, is dumped in the worst possible way, and she doesn’t deserve it. Yes, she works a lot, but she is also loving and caring, and that is made evident the first time she sees Grace. She could’ve kept her distance, content to just look at her through the window, and go on with her life. But, no, she comes back time and again. Whatever it is, Mia feels a kindred spirit with Grace and wants to know more.

Grace is a mystery. We don’t know much about her outside of what Mia sees. Even when they a relationship, she doesn’t reveal too much about herself. What we do see, though, is beautiful, inside and out. She’s thoughtful and listens to Mia’s story, showing empathy and compassion where it was missing before.

The Writing Style

Lopez takes great care to give us this story entirely in first person from Mia’s perspective. This style allows us to really sense what Mia is going through with her break-up, with seeing Grace, and how she deals with everything that has happened recently in her life. It also allows Lopez to disguise the surprise ending.

My Favourite Parts

The mystery surrounding Grace is well crafted. It really sets up the reveal, and it’s subtle yet intelligent in its execution.

Heads Up

Mia’s ex, Sarah, is definitely a good antagonist, but there were some character traits that confused me. I feel Lopez could’ve developed her just a tiny bit more to make sure all of her actions make sense instead of feeling polarized about who this character really is.

The Conclusion

This was a fun short story that provides intrigue and a budding romance in a surprisingly short amount of time. It’s great to see how Mia starts out and where she finishes with Grace and learning that love is eternal. If you have a few minutes, this is a good story to pick up.

Excerpt from I See You by Luna Lopez

I found myself pulling on a pair of jeans with a black and white horizontal striped t-shirt. Warm fluffy socks then black, high heeled ankle boots covered my feet as I fled out the door.

Where was I going to?

I hadn’t made any conscious decision to go back to the house, but it’s where I found myself anyway.

The light was on and sure enough she was sitting in that same place, the same forlorn expression on her face.

My heart went out to her.

I wanted to talk to her, find out if she was okay, if there was anything at all I could do to help her, but what was I going to say even if I knocked on the door and she did answer?

Hi! My name is Mia. You don’t know me, but I sometimes stand and watch you from across the road.

Absolutely not. She would think I was a basket case and call the police, if she had any sense. That’s what I would do if roles were reversed.

My heart fluttered in my chest as she turned to face me.

The briefest hint of a smile touched her lips, and right then, I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her, give her some hope in the world I assumed was full of darkness and internal pain.

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