The Right Thing Easy by Laina VilleneuveThe Right Thing Easy by Laina Villeneuve is a well written romance with a fairly predictable plot and some lovable characters. The writing is clean, the characters are charming and the story keeps you entertained.

The main character is Dani Blazer, a rodeo barrel racer who lost her lover and her dog in one fell swoop. Trying to pick up the pieces of her life she takes her two horses across the country and settles into a small town as a teacher.

There she meets Hope. Hope has given up a lot in the past for her family and church but something about her feelings for Dani makes her want more from life and causes her to question the decisions she has made.

The Characters

Dani is the main character and Hope is the love interest but I found Hope’s character arc far more intriguing and was fascinated as she grappled with her beliefs. Being a Mormon meant that she would be thrown out of church for being gay and she couldn’t face losing her family or community.

Villeneuve wrote the characters with a finesse and grace that I enjoyed, especially when they were struggling with tough choices.

The Writing Style

The first chapter of the book was tough. It starts with Dani being miserable as she leaves her old life behind after her break up. This is a rough way to start a book because I am not invested enough in the character to want to read about her misery. As a result I picked up and put down the book a number of times before I made myself read it.

Once you get past the first chapter, though, the story picks up and I was happy to find that there was no more moping.

Laina Villeneuve writes nicely. The story flowed, the pacing was good, the events were interesting enough to keep me reading and I liked the conclusion. The thoughts and feelings the characters had were also real and even though they were sometimes selfish I could not help but understanding what they were going though. Villeneuve writes well and adds character flaws that many authors shy away from. That, in itself, is an amazing talent.

The Pros

I enjoyed this book. My advice is to get it when you are looking for a gentle read that won’t rock your world but it will keep you entertained, kind of like shows on the Food Network, easy to watch and entertaining.

The Cons

I don’t like the title of the book, but that is a minor thing.

The Conclusion

The Right Thing Easy is well worth a read. Bella Books, strikes again with a good read and author Laina Villeneuve is one to keep an eye on.

Excerpt from The Right Thing Easy by Laina Villeneuve

Hope strolled up and down the narrow stacks looking for books left out for reshelving. She wasn’t on the library’s payroll, but she enjoyed the quiet of the library, the peace it offered like a shelter. As she rounded a corner, she noticed Pauline Honeylake, the librarian, talking to someone at the checkout desk. She paused. That someone had a bright green tee tucked into the tightest Wranglers she’d ever seen and one booted foot propped on the other. Dust caught in the folds of the jeans so long they stacked in folds at her ankle. The cuffs frayed white from being walked on said she was a working cowgirl, no tourist, but she was no local either. No one in town had long black hair like that, thrown into a lazy ponytail.

Realizing how long she’d been staring, Hope started back down the aisle, but she picked up her pace scanning for unshelved books so she could get another look at the cowgirl. This time, Hope noticed she was busy with a pen and paper. Again she forced herself to disappear into the stacks. A few locals using the Internet worked quietly, and she didn’t want anyone noticing where she was looking.

Busy. She needed to keep busy, her hypothesis that she could distract herself from temptation.


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