An Ocean Of Fire by IcarusAndHerSun is a sweeping A Sweeping Medieval SuperCorp Epic Romance. This slow burn romance is set in a medieval AU (alternate universe) that begins with a marriage of convenience and ends with an astounding battle where only love will achieve victory.

Kara Zor-El is next in line to the throne of Krypton but has been captured by King Lex of Luthoria. Lena Luthor seeks to escape an impending forced marriage to her brother’s ally and the Kryptonian in the castle dungeon may be her only way out.

What follows is a sweeping epic tale paced like a classic as a marriage of convenience leads to a love that will not only save Kara and Lena, but the world around them.


When a reader craves a slow burn romance with enough realism to stay grounded but enough heart-twisting fantasy to generate all the feels, this is the kind of story that delivers.

All the characterizations are on point. Kara is warm, generous, and compassionate, but too focused on making a difference or saving the day and not necessarily on the consequences.

Lena is reserved and pragmatic but has not yet learned that her brain will not give the fulfillment only her heart can provide.

The love that develops between these two women is well-paced, engaging and later in the story, sexy as well as romantic. Most of Supergirl’s cast makes an appearance (though Cat Grant is notably absent) but the story is told through Kara and Lena’s viewpoints.

Though long, An Ocean Of Fire is a fast-paced read and delivers on everything it promises.


Zilch. Nada. I mean, maybe one misused word in the entire story, but that’s it and who cares because it’s an epic love story that hits every other story beat on the mark.


Despite its much-more-than-one-novel length, this is a beautiful marriage of convenience story in that never feels forced and encompasses Kara’s compassionate heroism as well as Lena’s driven yet self-sacrificing strength of character.

Excerpt from An Ocean Of Fire – A Sweeping Medieval SuperCorp Epic Romance

“Sorry? I’m sorry, did you just propose marriage to me, Kara Zor-El?” Lena hissed softly.

Kara nodded gravely. “We will perform a Kryptonian marriage here. It will be brief, but the bond is strong-“

“No. Absolutely not.” Her eyes were blazing as Kara shrugged and looked away.

“Then leave me here. I will die soon, and will no longer be your concern.”

Lena was incredulous. “You would choose death over release? Gallows over open sky?” Her hand shot out to press against Kara’s uninjured cheek. “Are you with fever, Kryptonian? Let me give you some water-”

“I am surviving, Princess. I am Kryptonian, and we are a people of honor. I will not let you do this to your demise. If you are to save my life, then a lifetime is what you will be owed.” Sharp blue eyes pierced through her.

This immediately agitated the shorter brunette, who began pacing. Kara was almost amused as she watched her go.

“I do not want your life. What good could that possibly do? Simply help me escape, and your debt will be repaid.”

“I will not relent on this. Meet my condition, or we are of no further use to each other. You should go, before the guards return.”

Lena stopped abruptly, her face tilted up harshly.

“I am seeking freedom, Princess Zor-El, not a prison made of marriage vows! I will not be another pawn in another royal family, pushed and pulled at the mercy and whim of another!” She was whispering, but her voice was hoarse and her disdain was unshifting.

“Listen to me.” Kara tried to reach for her, her hands catching at the chains above her. She tugged at them in frustration and groaned at the pull in her shoulders.

Kara tried her best to make her cracked voice sound soothing. Perhaps a softer approach would be better.

“Please. I mean you no harm. I will not treat you as a pawn. I will give you the freedom you seek. But this thing you are doing – this step you are about to take against the House of Luthor – is dangerous. You will be hunted. You will have a target on your back a mile wide, and there will be nowhere you can run, nowhere you can hide, where he will not find you. The price on your head will be tempting even to kings.”

And I need to guarantee that your fate is tied to mine, Kara thought to herself.

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  • Fandom: SuperCorp
  • Length: 139,568 words
  • Author: IcarusAndHerSun
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Photo Credit: Mike Ownby

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