Reviewed by Rachel LH

Rachel LHI live with my beautiful family in Liverpool, UK. I work full-time as a support worker for people with disabilities and love my job.

I’ve always been an avid reader since childhood and read books quicker than I could buy them. These days I have more books than time and it’s standard to find me reading or listening to a book.
Even though I’ve always loved reading, I never found any representation in the stories. That is until I discovered The Devil Wears Prada fanfiction!! Oh, how I devoured those stories, I couldn’t get enough. This led me to search for books like the fics I was reading, and I found a goldmine. For the past 5 years, I’ve exclusively read sapphic fiction. I can’t get enough.

I prefer stories with romance at their core, but I also love action, adventure, and suspense. Anyone who knows me knows my favourite trope is Ice Queens. The icier the better, because then the melt is so much more delicious. I also really love age-gap and workplace romance. If a book has all three tropes, then once I’ve started, I’m only stopping for a real emergency. And I’m talking missing limbs here people (could someone tell my wife that “do you know where my keys are” is not an emergency!!!!). I recently decided to share all my thoughts about these fabulous books in reviews and unbelievably people liked them and bought the books. I’m so thrilled that I can help authors this way.

So here we are, reviewing has become my full-time hobby. if I’m not reading and reviewing then I’m spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors, walking our dog, or socializing with plenty of food and drinks involved

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25-39 Lead (B)Age Gap (May / Dec) (B)Amateur Detective (B)American Lead (B)Bisexual / Pansexual Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Butch / Femme (B)Contemporary (B)Ice Queen / Beast / Grump (B)Joint reviewLawyer / Judge (B)Lead With A Physical Disability (B)Lesbian (B)Mystery (B)No Graphic Physical Relations (B)Opposites Attract (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Romantic Suspense (B)Sweet Romance (with little angst) (B)Toaster Oven ("Converting Hetero") (B)Workplace (B)

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25-39 Lead (B)American Lead (B)Books Fiction (B)Butch / Femme (B)Contemporary (B)Girl Next Door / Sunshine (B)Lesbian (B)Medium Heat Physical Relations (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Series (B)Sweet Romance (with little angst) (B)Tech Specialist (B)

Falling Blindly by Abigail Taylor: Book Review

Falling Blindly by Abigail Taylor is a contemporary romance about gaining confidence in who you are and trusting that you are enough to be loved. Shay is a socially awkward

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Riding the Storm by Erin Wade: Book Review

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