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5 Character Driven Books Jeannie Levig Rereads: Podcast

Sheena is joined today to discuss 5 Character Driven Books Jeannie Levig Rereads. These are Jeannie’s picks for TLR’s 55 Most Reread Books list. Listen to this episode Books we

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Food And Fated Love – 10 Books K Aten Returns To

Sheena is joined by K Aten to discuss Food And Fated Love – K Aten’s selection from TLR’s 55 Most Reread Books. Listen to this episode here   (All the

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Reasonable Doubt by Carsen Taite: Audiobook Review

Reasonable Doubt by Carsen Taite is a fantastic audiobook that had me looking for excuses to put in my headphones. I can’t believed I haven’t reviewed anything by Carsen’s here

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