Snow Falls by Gerri HillSnow Falls by Gerri Hill is a gentle, contemporary romance about two women who aren’t sure they can fall in love, each for their own reasons.

Jennifer Kincaid is on her way to a writer’s retreat in Colorado when her rental car gets stuck and she’s saved by an attractive stranger in the mountains just before an avalanche hits. Catherine Ryan-Barrett reluctantly saves Jennifer, giving her food and shelter at her cabin, disappointed she has to give up her winter solitude until the nearby road reopens a couple of months later.

Jennifer has no idea that Ryan is a reclusive heiress and writer who was at the centre of a publishing scandal a decade earlier when her authorship of a Pulitzer prize winner was called into question. All Jennifer knows is that as the weeks go by, she wants to know more about the taciturn woman sharing her home. Ryan, used to enjoying her own company and avoiding the notoriety of her family name, knows it isn’t wise to fall for a naive woman who’s involved with a man back in Santa Fe.

When spring comes, they part with one hell of a kiss and neither of them can stop thinking about the other. Can anything happen between them when their lives are so different?

The Characters

The characters are well written and I enjoyed reading from each of their perspectives.

Jennifer was raised by deeply religious grandparents and had never considered the possibility she could be attracted to a woman. While not religious herself, this book is part of her journey of learning who she is and what she wants, separate from their Evangelical programming. She’s good, kind, and has a solid head on her shoulders.

A cynic used to women only being interested in her family’s status, Ryan has her own arc as she learns how to make space for someone else in her life.

Reese and Morgan are characters from another novel and appear as Ryan’s only friends in the nearest town. I liked them so much that I want to read their story.

The Writing Style

The story is well written and the pacing is good.


Sara Hawthorne’s reading of the audiobook is excellent and worth listening to.

The Pros

I like the relationship building from grudging roommates to friends to more. The celebrity recluse and toaster oven tropes also worked well for me.

The Cons

Without spoiling anything by giving specifics, Ryan’s brother is a creep and that didn’t add to the story for me.

Tara's Favourite Novels reviewed on on TheLesbianReview.comThe Conclusion

This was a perfect book to listen to over a few wintry days. I’ll be checking out more by this author in the future.

Excerpt from Snow Falls by Gerri Hill

“What about this helicopter rescue you mentioned?”

Ryan shrugged. “Up this high, they’d have to wait for optimal wind conditions. But since it’s not a medical emergency, I’m not sure what kind of priority you’d have. It would be fairly expensive too.”

“I see. So, I’m really stuck then.”

“You’re really stuck.”

“But you are intentionally stuck. Right? I mean, you said your Jeep road was covered with snow until May.”

“Well, like I said, I’m—”

“A recluse. Right,” Jen said. “So what’s your story?”

Ryan froze, not able to meet her eyes. After spending nearly ten years hiding from the public, only now was she beginning to feel almost normal. Well, as normal as living a solitary life can be. She had no wish to relive the humiliation of the controversy that broke out after the Pulitzer. But instead of telling Jen to mind her own business, she feigned indifference.

“No story.”

“There has to be a story. You’re living up here, isolated. Intentionally, it seems. I mean, letting yourself get snowed in and all.”

Ryan tapped her fingers against her cup, trying to appear disinterested. “I told you, I don’t like people.”

Jen smiled. “You forget. I’ve researched all this crap to death. I just don’t like people is not a reason for all this,” she said, waving her hands at the cabin. “Hermits—or a recluse, as you prefer—want to remove themselves from society. They just want to disappear.”

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