aurora rey winters harborWinters Harbor by Aurora Rey is a charming story. It is a sweet, gentle romance with just enough angst to keep you turning the pages.

It is the story of Alex and Lia. Alex is the owner of a bakery and coffee shop in Provincetown. Lia has just moved to Provincetown after a nasty breakup. She has taken up residence in one of the local rental houses. It is the quiet season so a lot of the town is shut down.

There is an immediate attraction between the two, but Alex has a reputation for having flings (a lot of them) and Lia is still reeling over the person she became while in her bad long-term relationship.

Alex needs to overcome the barriers that Lia keeps putting in place and prove that she is in for the long haul.

The Characters

The characters are not overly complex, but they work perfectly for the story. There is enough drama to keep you interested and enough of those moments of angst to have me put down my kindle is disgust at their stupidity (a sure sign I was enjoying the read).

The Writing Style

Rey writes well. The story flowed nicely. It was slightly predictable, but with a novel like this it is exactly what you want.

The Pros

This is a sweet romance that keeps you captivated to the end. It is a light but fun read. Perfect for a weekend of escapism.

The Cons

It took a couple of pages for me to settle into this story. I felt like there was a lot of driving at the beginning. However, once you pass that the story is enticing.

The Conclusion

Well worth it. I adore Rey’s characters and the picture she paints of Provincetown was lovely. I could almost feel the crisp air on my cheeks as I strolled through town with Lia and Alex.

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Excerpt from Winters Harbor by Aurora Rey

The woman’s cheeks were pink from the chill in the air and her eyes were bright. She has a slightly rumpled look about her that Alex found incredibly sexy, along with dark hair, dark eyes, and killer curves. Since Alex had never seen her before, she was intrigued. “What can I get for you today?”

“Coffee, please, the bigger the better. And I’ll definitely have to pick out one of these lovely treats.” She looked over to the case where the muffins and croissants were displayed.

“I’m afraid the selection isn’t huge. We pare down quite a bit in the off season.” Alex always felt the need to explain when there weren’t at least a dozen things to choose from. “Cream and sugar?”

“Just cream, please. Yes, if I remember correctly, your offerings in the summer would rival a French patisserie. I see, however, that y’all have chocolate croissants, so I needn’t look any further.”

The more she spoke, the more Alex picked up on what she was certain was a Southern drawl. It wasn’t very pronounced, but faded in and out like maybe she’d lived there once and didn’t anymore. “You got it. For here or to go?”

“Here, please.”

Alex assessed the woman who was smiling at her again. It was a pretty smile, warm and reassuring. A rare smile, as Nick Carraway would say.

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  • ISBN number: 978-1626394995
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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