Blurred-Lines-by-KD-WilliamsonBlurred Lines by KD Williamson is a lesbian medical romance and the first book in the Cops and Docs series. It’s also an enemies to lovers story that features a lot of antagonism, family, and learning how to open up to new people and experiences.

Kelli McCabe is a police detective who finds herself with a long hospital stay after she’s shot on the job. Nora Whitmore may not be her doctor, but Kelli finds pushing the standoffish surgeon’s buttons is the most fun to be had while she’s stuck in her bed. After the two begin an uneasy friendship, Nora is surprised to find herself looking forward to seeing the smartass detective every day and even more surprised to find that doesn’t bother her as much as she would expect. But when Nora faces an unexpected obstacle to her life and career, can she let Kelli be in her corner?

The Characters

Kelli is loud, brash, and swears like a mothertrucker. She likes to mess with people, but under all of that she has a huge heart and willingly shoulders the troubles of anyone she cares about.

Nora is brilliant and excellent at her job, but also demands excellence of the residents who work with her. Her reputation as an ice queen is just fine by her because her solitary life is comfortable, and she can easily find men and women to scratch the itch whenever she needs to blow off a little sexual tension. Nora has the most growth in the story, and I love how KD Williamson handles that, including how respectful and mindful Kelli is of what Nora’s going through.

The rest of the cast is rounded out with Nora’s coworkers and Kelli’s family and coworkers.

On a personal note – if James Rader got fired or met with an accident between this book and the next, I’d be more than okay with that.

The Writing Style

The story is well paced, with the slowest of slow burns to the romance. I love how it’s drawn out and built carefully so that Blurred Lines ends in a realistic place that’s true to Nora and Kelli. That said, I’m so glad to know there are more books coming, because I want to see more of them growing together as a couple.

The Pros

Every interaction between Kelli and Nora just sparks with energy. The deep love between family of birth and family of choice is also excellent.

The Cons

So, this wasn’t really a con for me, but might be for some people. At one point, we see Nora the morning after taking a man home with her. We see them kiss, but it’s clear that nothing about their encounter was satisfactory.

Also, I don’t know if this is actually a con either, but Nora’s pet and the way he was introduced was so surprising to me that I had put down my Kindle and email a friend who’d already read it to ask what was up with that.

The Conclusion

I thoroughly enjoyed Blurred Lines and can’t wait to read more from KD Williamson, especially that next book in the series!

Excerpt from Blurred Lines by KD Williamson

Kelli chuckled and shrugged. “I’m still not listening to Justin Bieber with you. I’m more of a rock-alternative kinda girl.”

“I still have no idea who this Justin Bieber is.”

“Doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll introduce you to Metallica one day.”

“What a horrid name for a person—”

Kelli sighed again. “It’s the name of a band.”

Nora took another step backward as if preparing to bolt at any second.

“You don’t wanna like me, do you, Nora?”

Nora looked away.

“It’s okay. You’re not the type I usually hang out with either.”

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