Hunter's Way by Gerri HillHunter’s Way by Gerri Hill is a romance with a strong police drama. And for those who love a good series, it is the beginning of a three part series featuring the same main characters.

Tori Hunter is a homicide detective who has a reputation of being difficult to work with. She has gone through six partners in the last seven years and no one in her department is a fan of the way she works, except perhaps her boss who loves the fact that she closes more cases than anyone else in the department.

Samantha Kennedy has just been transferred from assault to homicide and partnered with Tori. After a rough start with Tori and a boatload of warnings about her new partner Sam realises that her new job may be a little more difficult than she expected.

But Sam and Tori have a serial killer in town and little time to worry about anything else. When it means late nights at a gay bar and a lot of time to get to know one another, Sam begins to see that her demanding boyfriend may not be who she wants to end up with after all and her feelings for Tori spark a realisation of what’s been missing in her life.

Samantha isn’t the only one who feels an emotional connection, for the first time Tori allows someone close enough to get to know her and she feels her defences slipping.

But will the fragile truce between the women be enough to allow anything more to happen between them, especially when Samantha’s life becomes endangered?

The Characters

Tori is so broken. She has a vicious past that drives her career and her attitude to personal relationships. No one has been able to break through her walls and she likes it that way. But when Samantha comes along there is something about this strong willed yet gentle woman that has Tori sitting up and taking notice. Her character growth is beautiful and I adored every moment of her learning to let someone in.

Sam has never really been in love. She has an okay relationship with her boyfriend but nothing earth shattering and when she meets Tori her feelings for the stubborn, distant woman begin to challenge everything Sam knows about her life.

I love that each of the characters has a major emotional character arc and yet they are utterly different. Hill did a marvellous job of getting me emotionally invested in both characters.

The Writing Style

Gerri Hill is an incredible author. Her use of language, excellent dialogue and interesting cases compound to give you a page turning book.

The Narration

Abby Craden and Gerri Hill are a dynamic combination. Craden delivers Hill’s large cast, complex story and snappy dialogue with style. I loved the layers in the story and was thrilled that Craden managed to bring them to life so that we didn’t miss any of Hill’s subtleties.

The Pros

I particularly enjoy Gerri Hill’s cop books. The romantic elements are strong but so is the excitement of a truly great case that needs to be solved.

The Cons

There is a graphic rape in the book. It bothered me so much that I skipped ahead.

The Conclusion

sheena's favouriteI love angsty stories with broken characters who find their one true love and learn to trust, even if it’s just a little bit at first. I am also a huge fan of time crunch cases that need to be solved. And I adore the way Hill writes and Craden narrates. So really, this is the perfect audiobook for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves these things too.

Excerpt from Hunter’s Way by Gerri Hill

Stan observed the woman who walked into his office and took a seat in front of his desk. He hadn’t known what to expect, but he assumed it would be someone older, more seasoned. Not the young blonde sitting before him now. She was attractive. Her blond hair reached just to the collar of her blazer, and she nervously brushed it away from her face. Oh, Hunter would eat her alive. He gave it two days before the woman came running scared to him, asking for a new partner. Then green eyes met his own and he smiled. She returned the smile and his old heart did a flip-flop. She was beautiful.

He cleared his throat and picked up the file he’d been given yesterday. He’d barely glanced through it.

“I understand you requested this move,” he started. “Your Lieutenant said they had you earmarked for CIU.”

“CIU doesn’t really appeal to me,” Samantha said. “More desk work than anything.”

“A stepping-stone to the FBI,” Malone countered. “We’ve lost some good men that way.”

She smiled. “Yes, but I’m a woman.”

Stan felt his face flush. “Figure of speech.”

“Yes, sir.”

“So, you’ve been with the Assault Division four years. You have a good record, your Lieutenant spoke highly of you. Why the change?”

“Every Lieutenant and Captain I’ve met comes from Homicide. Not Assault.”

He smiled. “So, you have higher aspirations than just a lowly detective, huh?”

“I spent three years on the East Side, three in Central. I was honored when they requested me at Assault. But after four years, I watched men come and go, moving on to Homicide, CIU, Tactical. They skipped right over me. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but as a woman, I understand if you want to move up higher in the chain, you have to do things twice as well as the men. Where better than Homicide?”

Stan Malone grinned, then laughed. Well, looked like he’d just found Tori Hunter the perfect partner. A woman with ambition.

She raised her eyebrows. “Funny?”

“No, no. I’m laughing at myself, not at you.” He patted the thick file on his desk. “I take it you don’t know anything about your new partner?”

“No, sir. But please don’t tell me he’s some old-timer who can’t stand to work with women.”

“Oh, no. Detective Hunter. He’s a she.”


“Heard of her?”

Samantha had heard the stories. She was a nutcase, by most accounts. Great. Just great.

“I’ve heard some,” she said. “Didn’t her partner get killed a few years ago?”

“She’s my best detective. Somewhat of a rogue. It’s hard to keep her on a tight leash. But you can learn a lot from her. If she’ll let you.”

“If she’ll let me?”

“She likes to work alone. Damn near lives here. Her partners go home, she stays here, cleans up the case. They come back the next day, it’s all done. Most men can’t take that. She rarely listens to advice from her partners, just does her own thing. They either follow her or get lost in the chase. Two have been killed in the line of duty. Everyone wanted to blame Hunter. But in both instances, they decided not to follow her lead. She came out unscathed and got her man. They ended up dead by simply making the wrong decision.

“Two actually quit the force after working with her. Another was injured when a car ran over him. Permanent disability. And Kaplan, your predecessor, jumped out of a two-story window and broke both legs.”

“Why in the world did he jump?”

“He was following her.”

Samantha’s eyebrows shot up. “ She jumped out of a two-story window?”

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Hunter’s Way

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  • ISBN number: 9781594930188
  • Publisher: Bella Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Audible Studios
  • Narrator: Abby Craden
  • Gerri Hill Online

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