Sarah-And-Jude-by-Marie-PiperSarah And Jude by Marie Piper is a short story about a farmer’s daughter. Sarah Tate has grown into a beautiful woman and farmhand Jude has noticed. Sarah finds herself attracted to Jude despite the dangers that this attraction may bring them.

The Characters

Even though this is a short story you get a sense of Sarah’s innocence. But in all honesty the characters don’t really get a chance to develop.

The Writing Style

Short, sweet, erotic, and to the point.

The Pros

I enjoyed the story line and the tasteful love making.

The Cons

It had a scene where Sarah Tate begins to try and seduce a man; I did not enjoy that part.

The Conclusion

It’s a very short, charming, story about a cowgirl and a farmer’s daughter. This story is not safe for work, but it was fun to read except for that small blurb at the end.

Excerpt from Sarah And Jude by Marie Piper

“Even as a little scamp, I knew I weren’t going to be no lady.” She stared at Sarah before dropping her tone. “How old are you?”


“You ever kissed a man?”

“I kissed Pinky Miller.” Sarah remembered the young hand stealing a kiss behind the house, a kiss she hadn’t been eager to give, but had given into.

“Shoot. Pinky Miller ain’t hardly a man. You like it?”

Sarah shook her head. “His beard prickled.”

“I won’t never grow a beard. Maybe you’d like kissin’ me more.”

“Why would I kiss you?”

“Might come to want to.”

Sarah said nothing. She also didn’t move to leave, but felt a new sensation deep in her belly. “And what if I did?”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 978-1-911153-13-9
  • Publisher: NineStar Press, Ltd.

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