Price-of-Honor-by-Radclyffe-Audio-bookPrice of Honor by Radclyffe is book nine in the Honor series. While this is quite far into the series it makes a perfectly fine stand alone and you need not have read or listened to the books before this one to enjoy or understand it. I read the first three books many years ago and haven’t read the in between ones, so I speak from experience.

This book runs two parallel stories; the first is the original romantic couple, Blair Powel and Cameron Roberts. Blair is the daughter to the president of the United States and Cameron, her former bodyguard and current wife is finding her new role to be a lot less hands on and therefore difficult.

Blair’s father decided to take to the campaign trail in a bid for re-election. He does so by train. Not only is this a great way to gain public favour but it is also a good way to get assassinated. Which is exactly what Jane Graves plans to do. Graves is the daughter of a domestic terrorist bent on fulfilling her father’s last wishes of bringing about a new order. With her sister in custody and her brother helping her, she plans on making this train trip the last one the president will ever take.

The second plot line is a new romance that blooms between Dusty Nash, a member of the security team handling the scent dog named Atlas, and Vivian Elliot a member of the press.

Dusty and Vivian are drawn together the very first time they speak. Vivian interviews Dusty for an article about the working dogs. The chemistry between the women is undeniable. But a crazy woman wants to kill the man you are tasked with protecting can put a damper on a budding romance.

The Writing

Radclyffe writes quite specific characters who are easy to tell apart. This is perfect when there are a number of central characters with their own plot lines.

In terms of the romantic couples, Radclyffe definitely has a formula. Two gorgeous women, one is a little more butch than the other and generally quieter, but not so butch that she is overbearing. The femme is feisty and ends up coming to the rescue of the butch at some point.

Hang on, before you get upset with me, I like the formula. You know exactly what kind of story you will be getting and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. I also like the added depth that Radclyffe gives to the story, she researches what it is like to be in a cramped train while trying to get it on, or what process a scent dog handler follows. I appreciate the effort and professionalism that Radclyffe puts into her writing.

The writing is clean and the words have a good rhythm making it easy to get caught up in the story.

The Narration

The beginning of the audio book introduced the narrator as the person who will be performing the audiobook. I found this an interesting choice until the book began. They weren’t kidding when they said performing. It was like a one woman theatre production.

It took me a little while to get into the swing of things but when I did I found myself enjoying it tremendously.

It is also a rather fascinating idea that the book be performed for the audio listeners, it’s like a radio play but with one person playing all the parts. And really, when you think about it, why not?

The Pros

It’s Radclyffe. I love Radlyffe. And…well, you know, it’s Radclyffe.

The Cons

My own sense of what an audio book should be prevented me from getting into it right from the start, but when I embraced the new order of things in this audio world then I actually enjoyed it.

The Conclusion

Here I must look at the price, the audio book is significantly more expensive than the kindle version and I know that there are additional production costs to creating an audio book, however, as a reader I must weigh up the added costs with the added benefit and I would say this, if you are a commuter and end up driving or doing menial work and want to keep your mind entertained with an audio book then yes, this is a good one and yes even at the listed price it is a decent buy.

Radclyffe books are pretty sure to entertain and titillate, so if want a sure thing, get a Radclyffe. Price of Honor is no different and the audio book is kind of fun and well worth it for the long commute to work.

Excerpt from Price of Honor by Radclyffe

Otherwise the stark, bare room was empty.

Except for the woman sitting at the end of the table who forced everything else into a monochromatic blur. Even sitting, she looked tall, possibly taller than Dusty’s own five-nine. She was ivory complected with dark, dark hair pulled back from her face and clasped at the back of her neck. Shorter strands slanted across her forehead above arched black brows. Lipstick just short of deep red highlighted a wide mouth. Her high cheekbones, narrow nose, and heart-shaped face were too angular for conventional beauty, but her piercing dark almond eyes were magnetic, mesmerizing.

“Like a Modigliani,” Dusty murmured.

“I’m sorry?” The woman stood, her deep green jacket and skirt draping perfectly over a model’s body, slender and sleek.

Dusty froze in her tracks and Atlas sat obediently at her side. Feeling a flush creep up her neck, she self-consciously cleared her throat and said a prayer of thanks that her utterance hadn’t been clearer. “Ms Elliott?”

Conscious of her calloused palm meeting smooth cool flesh, Dusty shook her hand. “Dusty Nash. This is Atlas.”

Vivian glanced down, smiled. “Gorgeous.”

Dusty couldn’t shake the disquieting sense that Vivian Elliot wasn’t quite real. She’d never seen a woman so beautiful before, not in real life or in any of the dozens of museums and hundreds of paintings she’d viewed over the years.


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