Miss Havisham Says Yes by Eule Grey is a rich girl/poor girl, body positive Cinderella romance of the sweetest kind.

Cindi and Tara have been friends for what feels like forever. Cindi knows Tara is athletic and outgoing and wicked hot. She calls her Tara Tarantula because she teaches climbing at her parent’s gym, where Cindi works hard cleaning floors and bins to feed her gran and take care of the house.

Tara isn’t like the many other people who look at Cindi with pity because she’s a large girl, and because she’s poor. After taking a spill at work one day and waking to the promise from fairy godmother Tara of a special climb, she finally begins to believe Tara’s adoration is real.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

What a lovely, breezy story this is. It’s easy to understand why Tara is already in love with Cindi and has been for years. She has the weight of the world on her, attending local uni while her sister is off being a serious student, taking care of her beloved gran, and making as much money as she can cleaning the gym. Through it all, she’s upbeat, friendly, hard working and just a lovely person.

The only angst is reading Cindi repeatedly give herself grief for how she looks. She gave up being concerned with people treating her badly for being poor years before, but she doesn’t quite believe Tara means it when she calls her beautiful, because of her pillowly stomach and definitely not toned bum. I loved seeing her friends and neighbors and family bring Cindi around to thinking enough of herself to let Tara in, and though they’re young they feel like forever.

Cons And Heads Up


The Conclusion

Athletic, brash and hot Tara has loved Cindi for a very long time, but Cindi doesn’t know why. She’s a large, poor girl, what can the wonderful Tara “Tarantula” see in her? After hitting her head one day at work and waking to Tara promising her the world, and a special climbing experience, Cindy begins to finally believe in herself, and Tara’s love.

Excerpt from Miss Havisham Says Yes by Eule Grey

What would it be like to reach the top, despite not being fit, slim, or wealthy enough to buy climbing gear? To get there anyway. Achieve something nobody thought Cindi ever could. For weight not to be an issue. To toil and push and ascend to the top. To spend million-dollar hours with Tara and have the change to properly know her, without worrying about Gran and uni, bills, or weight. Nothing could be better.

Tara gave the poster one last tap and skidded back across the room. “It’s my wish. Well? What’s your wish?”

Cindi met her eyes. Knowing what to answer was easy-peasy. “Same. To climb a mountain with you. All the way to the top. It wouldn’t be simple. I’d probably say ‘no, I can’t do it.’ You can’t turn around a lifetime of doubts in five minutes, can you? So, you might have to encourage me, and in return, I’ll divert us from the pain – I’m good at it, honest. You can tell me all your secrets, and I’ll tell you mine. I’ll listen like nobody ever has, hear the stuff you can’t say, but is there anyway.”

Tara stroked Cindi’s hand with eyes so shiny and loud that, for a while, they were both silent, held fast by the honesty of Cindi’s words and the devastating offer of companionship, along with a romantic hint of more. “Wow. It’s the best thing anyone’s ever said.”

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