The Sagittarius by K AtenThe Sagittarius by K. Aten is the third book in The Arrow of Artemis Series.

Love and loss have been the recurring themes so far in Kyri’s tender years. She never expected to lose her parents at a young age, become an Amazon, fall deeply in love with Queen Orianna and never in her wildest dreams did she ever expect to become a slave in the Roman Empire. No experience in her life could have ever prepared her to withstand the heart-rending effects of being a Sagittarius and a gladiatrix. Despite her broken heart and soul, Kyri knows that she must fight for her freedom because she wants to see her homeland and her soulmate’s face again.

Will Kyri be able to win her freedom and return to Telequire? Will Kyri succumb to the cold-blooded killer inside of her or will she be able to reconcile who she was with who she has become?

The Characters

Kyri has become a slave in the Roman Empire and she is a Sagittarius and a gladiatrix. She serves her master by fighting and winning deadly battles against other gladiatrix in an arena. My heart really hurt for Kyri because I have such a strong attachment to her. Kyri will always be special to me because even in captivity she puts the welfare of others before herself. No matter how dark things get or how far Kyri believes she has fallen, she never loses sight of Orianna— the only woman who has ever owned her heart.

Orianna is the Queen of the Telequire Amazon nation. She is a fearless leader but she is despondent because her soulmate lives in captivity in a foreign land. Orianna’s love for Kyri runs deeply and she refuses to move on with her life or give up hope that Kyri would come back to her. My admiration for Orianna grew tenfold when I saw how well she lead her tribe even when she was in the midst of loneliness and despair.

The Writing Style

I know I have said this already but I feel no shame at all so I will say it again, I adore K. Aten’s poetic style of writing. She just has a way with words, somehow she manages to create literary tapestries out of a plot and she gives me characters that I cherish and respect. The beautiful descriptions of the Telequire landscape made me wish that I could venture to every bathing pool, wander along every winding walkway and view the lovely sunsets with my own eyes.

The Pros

Just reading about these fun-loving and resilient Amazon women is a huge plus for me. The highlight of this awesome story is Kyri’s long journey toward healing and creating the balance she needs in her life.

The Cons

Even though this story started off on a sad note, I must say that I have no complaints because every joyful or painful scenario is important and it made me love the main characters even more than I did before.

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksThis beautiful story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Kyri embarks upon her epic journey of healing and coming to terms with who she has become and the painful experiences that have shaped her life.

I hung onto every word in this touching story and even though I shed a few tears, I must declare that The Arrow of Artemis series is dear to my heart and I will never forget these amazing and phenomenal Amazon women.

Excerpt from The Sagittarius by K. Aten

Iva drew in a breath and I could see tears shinning in her eyes. A candle drop went by and then another while Isidorus thought about my words. Finally gave another nod. “You have shown me and my house nothing but honor, so I will agree to your condition. Now you will rest. There is to be a grand celebration in a month’s time and I need you healed and in top shape by then. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from Marcellus.”

The men left our room and silence covered us like a pall. Iva stared at me with an emotion I had never seen on her face and I looked placidly back. “Are you angry with me?” I watched as her bottom lip began to quiver. Before I could register what was happening she threw herself onto the floor next to my pallet and clutched my arm as her composure broke. Great wracking sobs filled the room as Iva’s hot tears coated my skin. She finally quieted long after darkness fell in our cell. I knew her leg would be stiff from sitting so long so I urged her up to lie next to me on the pallet. She turned to her side so she could fully look at me while I remained on my stomach to preserve my tattered back.

“You expect to die, don’t you?” Her words were true and I could not deny them. I swallowed and nodded. I had no words of my own to defend my actions, or even to care. I shut my eyes and was startled a heartbeat later when fingertips came up to gently stroke my brow. When I dared to look at her again I saw such deep and abiding sadness. “Please don’t die, Kyri. I don’t think I could bear it if you did. I—I love you.” Shock and understanding rode tandem on a horse of awareness but I had no time to process her words or meanings. As soon as the admission passed her lips, she leaned over and sealed her mouth to mine.

All the emotion, all her passion, passed across that small expanse and I felt myself start to respond. Then as quickly as the fire rose within me, it was doused by a pair of green eyes. A cry escaped my lips as I turned my face away. “I—I cannot. I am sorry, Iva, but my heart will always belong to Ori. Even if she does not want me after all I have done.”

The other woman gave me a watery smile but nodded her head anyways. “I understand. I just had to get it out. But you need to be aware that going home will mean nothing to me if you are dead.”

Her words prompted the memory of Aureolus’s words from before my first gladiator match. They seemed fitting. “Well then, I will not be dead.” She sighed at my blithe manner and eventually turned away from me. Long after her breathing softened into sleep I continued to stare at the back of her head. I had no idea that she cared for me so deeply. While I hated hurting her, she had to know that another held my soul tightly within her grasp. At least I hoped she still did. There was no Artemis for me, there were no gods. But I still held another prayer deep within my heart. “Please Ori, do not let me go.”

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