Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny LawrenceRabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence is a delightfully weird tale of love, redemption and discovering that a deeper part of oneself exists, even in a post apocalyptic time.

If you are looking for a classic girl meets girl, they have a difference of opinions but it all gets sorted in the end then look no further. Except, that is, for the wonderful additions to the story, the completely excellent sense of humour and the tongue-in-cheek style of writing that I love about Lawrence’s work.

I believe that Benny Lawrence is one of the best lesbian authors today. She is completely unique. Her stories are never the same and her romantic themes are deep, painful and kind of awesome.

But trying to explain a Benny Lawrence book to someone who hasn’t read her work is like trying to explain what a rainbow looks like to a blind person. The best thing to do is to try the book yourself.

Having said that let me try:

The story is about Casey Prentice. She lives with her younger sister and best friend in a post apocalyptic world. The world is a desert and the luxuries like water and power do not exist.

Unfortunately, post apocalyptic worlds come with bad guys – enter The Anastasian League, a power hungry militant organisation.

With The League comes Pax, a prisoner who has the special ability to remember everything. Casey takes one look at Pax and becomes a blubbering idiot (this is what happens when there is a hot woman around, after all).

A little later on in the story Pax escapes The League, seeking help from Casey.

Things are not always as clear as we think they are, and in her usual style Lawrence adds enough twists and turns to make you feel like you have just been on a roller coaster ride (but one that is better than rides at the amusement park, since I am not fond of those).

The Characters

The characters are well written, very likable and suitably unique for a Lawrence book.

There are also enough mentions of Rabbits to fulfil the title of the book in a satisfying way.

The Writing Style

My advice about Benny Lawrence is this, read a sample. If you love it, then you will love the book. If it is not your style then don’t read further.

She has a unique and particular style and humour. This will see her gain huge fans as well as haters who just don’t get her.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am a huge fan.

The Pros

This is a completely different kind of read, unique to its core. As with other Lawrence books, you won’t see the twists coming.

The Cons

The only con about Benny Lawrence books in general is that there aren’t enough to sustain my reading appetite.

brooklyn's favouritesheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

Benny Lawrence is brilliant. She writes beautifully, her witticisms are appreciated and her unique take on things is refreshing.

To quote from my Amazon review for this book – Benny Lawrence doesn’t think outside of the box, she tears up the box, jumps on it and sets it on fire.

Excerpt from Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence

Pax’s head jerked once more. That same reluctant, convulsive nod. “Sir.”

That was all she said, one word, but she managed to get a lot of meaning into it. Literally it meant Sir, yes sit, I’ll get right on that, sir. Somehow, though, it also managed to convey Sir, fuck you sir, the minute someone leaves a gun unattended you’re a dead man, sir.

After what had just happened to Orelle, I had a lot of sympathy for that point of view.

But what caught me completely off guard was the sound of her voice. That single word, that was all she said, but the sound of it gobsmacked me. It was deep and resonant, just the slightest bit hoarse, somehow like a strong, spicy-sweet fruit. It made an electric thrill run up my spine, a tiny snake darting and twitching.

When your town is being ravaged by crazed cultists, you really should try to focus on that, and not the vocal tones of strangers who’ve just been hauled from the back of a truck. But I couldn’t help it. My hormones keep flowing, even at inconvenient moments, and yours do the same and don’t try tell me anything different.

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