Love And Chaos by Poppy WoodsLove and Chaos by Poppy Woods is the kind of dystopian novel that I’ve always wanted to read. This story deals with unwavering loyalty to a nation and a cause, love for family and friends and the anarchy that goes hand in hand with corrupt institutions.

The entire world has changed after the second collapse and it will never be the same again.

Cris has led a very sheltered life in her Tribe. Her Tribe is far away from all the pollution that plagues the Cities and the other densely populated areas. They hunt for wild game in the forests, grow their own food and they look out for each other. The members of her Tribe only venture into the Cities to sell their produce and return to Arden. Their communal way of life keeps the politics of the Cities at bay.

Until the Tribes get caught up in a web of messy politics and bloody deception.

Love Ward is an orphan and every female orphan in the New Republic of America gets drafted into the Venus Guard before their eighteenth birthday. She is determined to make a better life for herself and climb up the ranks in the Venus Guard. Her fellow officers mean the world to her because they’re the only family she’s ever known.

Unfortunately, the New Republic of America has got a ton of skeletons in their closet. They are the kind of skeletons that should remain buried but Love accidentally stumbles upon a few of those deadly secrets that could get her transferred to another unit or killed if she doesn’t play her cards right.

When all hell breaks loose, Love and Cris have to stick together in order to survive but there’s just one problem—they are always fighting even though they are insanely attracted to each other. Their mutual attraction could mess up their well-made plans and cost them their lives.

Will Love and Cris be able to uncover and expose all the lies and secrets the New Republic of America has been feeding their nation for so many years?

Can Love and Cris heal their broken world without dying in the process and would they ever have a chance to fully explore the deep feelings they have for each other?

The Characters

Love Ward is a Venus Guard and she is very proud to serve her nation.

Cris “Chaos” Coleman is her family’s main hunter and she works on her mother’s farm in Arden—a small Tribe that is far away from the Cities.

Love is loyal to a fault. She believes in everything that the New Republic of America stands for and she has a huge heart that she carefully hides under her cool, calm and reserved demeanor.

Cris is a firecracker in every sense of the word because she never backs down from a fight and she has definitely earned her nickname “Chaos” for that same reason because trouble seems to follow her everywhere she goes.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen arse over tit in love with these unforgettable and awesome women. I’ve just added Cris and Love to my long list of fictional wives!

The Writing Style

Poppy Woods was on point with her flawless and captivating writing and I couldn’t get enough of this story. Trust me, I had a really hard time with putting my kindle down because this story was just sooo good! This author has brought this fallen and damaged world to life for me because I could easily picture the acid rain, radiation damage, poor air quality and the diseases that were running rampant throughout the society. I love the fact that this story was told through Love and Cris’s points of view because I was able to truly empathize with their internal struggles and their conflicting emotions.

My Favourite Parts

An all-woman military? Women running an entire nation? Count me in! I was certainly living my best life because I got to hang out with Love and Cris. These women are totally awesome and they’re badass and I’ve got a lot of respect for them. I just loved the way the people in the Tribes stuck together because they had the kind of slow-paced and communal family living that I adore. Poppy Woods has definitely won several coffee cup honors from me because I binged read this entire story in one night!

Sheena interjecting here: I absolutely LOVE this cover.

Heads Up

Just so you know, this story contains a lot of violent scenes and brutal murders and it could be a serious trigger for some readers.

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksAre you in the mood to devour one of the best dystopian novels of all time? If you said yes, then look no further because this story will keep you anchored to your seat until you get to the last word! It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a story that gave me all the feels because I was on a non-stop emotional rollercoaster ride after the first page. If you’re going to enter Love and Cris’s world—just make sure that you clear your schedule, get a cozy reading nook and have all your favorite treats next to you because you’ll be completely caught up in this riveting story.

Excerpt from Love and Chaos by Poppy Woods

“Watch your fucking mouth, boonie.”

“That’s the thing,” I snap, all humor gone from my voice. “I didn’t do shit to you. I bumped into you, I guess, but it was an accident. You’re the one who’s got an attitude. You’re the one who was disrespectful.” I take a step toward her, pointing my finger at her chest. “You’re the one who put your hands on me. Miss Venus Guard, isn’t that against your little code?” I bat my eyelashes sarcastically, jamming my finger into her shoulder again. “So, fuck off with all that. I’m over it.”


My eyebrow cocks and I wonder for a second if she’s really stupid enough to try me further. I could get her kicked out for attacking a civilian. She was dumb enough to wear her pin to a bar and dumb enough to fight with me, that’s on her.

I just want to get back to the shitty hotel room at this point. And listen to Ma chew me out for trying to have a good time—and failing.

Before I know what’s happening, my back is pressed against the bricks again, this time with a hand against my chest. The gritty stones dig into my exposed lower back and I stifle the urge to whimper. The brunette’s face is only inches from mine, her green eyes catching the streetlight as she glares at me.

“Don’t threaten me,” she whispers.

“Is that a threat?”

“Shut your fucking mouth!” she snaps, her nostrils flaring with her rage. “I didn’t work all this time to have my fucking career ruined by some idiot in a club.” I can tell she’s serious. I can tell she feels threatened, like I hit a nerve.

But… in for a credit, in for a note.

“Make. Me.” I bite out the words with all the anger I have inside me. This dumb cunt ruined my night out, put her hands on me, and now she’s mad because she feels threatened?

Something changes on her face as she comes closer. Her hand on my chest goes gentle, and I’m not sure if it’s the alcohol still coursing through my veins, or the exertion of the fight, or something else altogether… but everything feels so warm.

She slips her hand up, over my collarbone and presses her lips to mine. The kiss isn’t gentle. It’s rough. Just like our introduction.

A part of me wants to push her away, to act shocked or offended by her sudden change in behavior. But a bigger part of me—probably the drunk part—urges me to give into her soft lips as they crush against my own.

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