One Weekend in Aspen by Jaime ClevengerOne Weekend in Aspen by Jaime Clevenger is a one-night-to-forever romance about finding love where you least expect it.

Emily Brookstone’s finally left her ten-year marriage. She left it about eight years too late, but she’s ready to strike out on her own and make some major changes in her life. Through her work as a personal chef, she’s met all sorts of high-flying clients. Her most intimidating client, Katherine, is sexy and rich. She’s invited Emily to a party over a long weekend in Aspen. This isn’t the usual ski vacation. Katherine’s Aspen parties are notorious. They’re a weekend of no-strings sex offering any fantasies imaginable.

Alex Murphy’s job has her based in Tokyo for the foreseeable future. She spends much of her time traveling and has women all over the world who’d love to share their beds with her. Brief interludes are all she’s ever allowed herself, but that kind of excitement has lost its appeal. She’s closing in on 40 and finds herself daydreaming about a wife and children rather than her next sexual conquest. When her longtime friend-with-benefits invites her to her annual sex party, Alex has nothing better to do so she sets of for Aspen.

Emily and Alex find themselves seated next to each other on the flight to Aspen. Conversation is easy especially when it includes some lighthearted flirting. A snowstorm diverts their flight to Denver. Alex offers Emily a ride into Aspen in her rented 4X4. They seem to have everything in common, so the three-hour drive just flies by. Of course, neither woman has explained the real reason why they’re in Aspen. How do you tell a perfect stranger you’re attending a sex party? More importantly, how do you tell a woman who you’re interested in seeing in the future that you’re here for a sex party?

When Alex and Emily finally meet face to face at the party, they’re equal parts shocked and hopeful. Can anything real and lasting come from a weekend set up for no-strings sex?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Clevenger has created two main characters who’re immensely likeable. I’d consider them stereotypes except they’re so well developed they feel completely unique. Emily is a femme girl next door, who’s determined to become more independent and ask for what she wants from a partner. Alex is a butch player who wants to settle down and have a family. She’s aware she’s earned her Casanova reputation, and she’s over it. They work because they bring out the best in each other. Emily has a lot of shame about her sexual desires, and Alex helps her see there’s no shame in asking for what she wants. And there’s nothing lecherous in the way Alex encourages her. Emily teaches Alex that changing her reputation won’t happen overnight. They’re just a great couple who obviously belong together.

There’s a large group of supporting characters in One Weekend in Aspen. The sex party is full of interesting people. Clevenger gives each of them distinct traits which helped me keep track of who was who. Often when I read a book with a large cast, the characters aren’t dissimilar enough to keep me from getting confused.

And of course, there is plenty of spice in this book. What I liked most is the sex wasn’t wrapped up in the sex party. The reader gets snippets of what’s going on with the partygoers, but there isn’t much on page. I think the main characters only share a kiss with another woman. This was a great choice. A sex party sounds like fun, but I don’t think readers want to see the main characters having sex with other people. At least this reader feels that way.

Cons And Heads Up


The Conclusion

victorias favourite booksI’m very taken with this book. I was expecting the heat and very happy with it, but I wasn’t prepared for such a tender romance. The juxtaposition between an elite sex party and a cozy affair is a perfect way to highlight how special Emily and Alex’s connection is. Who embarks on a sex weekend and meets their forever person? One Weekend in Aspen had me talking the characters out loud. “Come on Emily, just tell her how you feel.” “Yes Alex, kiss her, kiss her!” Most importantly this story reminded me of how much I love reading about the beauty of two women falling in love. The beauty is in the falling, the spicey bits are a bonus. I hope you check it out.

Excerpt from One Weekend in Aspen by Jaime Clevenger

“Oh, this smells amazing,” Emily said.

Alex unrolled her silverware from the paper napkin. “Just wait. It’s gonna taste even better.” She forked a bite into her mouth, then closed her eyes and moaned. The cool smoothness of the vanilla ice cream warred with the flaky buttery crust, and the warm cinnamon apple filling tied everything together.

“That good, huh?” Emily smiled. She took a bite herself and made a very similar sound. “Okay, you’re right.” She took another bite. “I make good pies, but this might be better than mine.”

“I wouldn’t mind judging that contest.”

Emily’s eyes sparkled. She seemed about to say something in response, but the waitress reappeared at their table.

“Anything else I can get for you two lovebirds?”

Emily’s mouth dropped open. Alex scrambled for what to say. “Uh, no. Thanks. We’re good.”

The waitress looked from Alex to Emily. After a too-long beat, she said, “I’m so sorry. I’m usually good at knowing who’s coming in as a couple, but…”

“It’s fine,” Alex said quickly.

“Completely fine,” Emily agreed.

The waitress clicked her tongue, murmuring another apology as she set the bill on the table. “If you need anything else, holler. I’ll be in the back cleaning up.”

As soon as she’d gone, Alex said, “Sorry. That was awkward.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Well, I get read as gay all the time. And obviously I am. So if a woman’s with me, I mean, not that you are with me with me, but maybe she can tell I like y—” Alex clamped her mouth shut. Shit. If she’d been trying to make the situation more awkward, she was succeeding. Royally. “What I was trying to say is I’m not sure you’re used to people assuming that you are, and if you’re not—”

“Okay, stop.” Emily reached across the table and touched the back of Alex’s hand. The contact sent a warm current through Alex’s body.

Emily’s lips turned up in a little smile. “You’re cute when you’re nervous.”

Alex’s heart raced. She barely resisted turning her palm up to clasp Emily’s hand and had to remind herself to breathe.

“I may not be as obvious as you,” Emily continued, “but I’d rather be misread as your date than misread as straight.”

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