Top 10 Lesbian Book Beginnings is a post that I have wanted to do for a while now. The beginning of a story is crucial to setting the tone, introducing the characters and drawing in the reader.

Sadly, of the more than 100 lesbian books that I own, I could only find a handful that fit the criteria for my list of top 10 lesbian book beginnings.

My criteria were: Well written, interesting, suited the story and made me want to read more.

The beginning of a book is like the flirting phase of a relationship. The author’s job is to excite and titillate us into wanting to continue the relationship to the end.

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So, without further ado, I will give you my top 10 lesbian book beginnings.

Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence1: Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence

Chapter 1


I was reading The Sex-Bots of Space Alcatraz for the fifty-third time when my little sister Emily slammed open the apartment hatch.

“Aliens are attacking the city! She yelled, and then she slammed straight back out again.

My reaction surprised even me. “Thank God,” I said out loud. Then I dropped my dog-eared book and hurried after her.

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2: The Midnight Hunt by L.L Raand

Sylvan hungered to free her wolf. After three days in the city, encased in a steel-and-glass building fifteen hours at a time with nothing but concrete under her feet at night, she needed to fill her lungs with the scent of warm earth, sweet pine, and rich, verdant life. She needed to run with her wolves and lead them on a kill. The insistent pressure between her thighs and the shimmer of pheromones coating her skin reminded her of another critical need, one not so readily satisfied.

She’d gone too long without sexual release, but she couldn’t risk even a rough-and-ready tangle with a willing female when her world seemed insistent on claiming a mate. That she would never do.

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Hoar-and-Rime-by-Keira-Michelle-Telford3: Hoar and Rime by Keira Michelle Telford

The day after my father died, it started snowing and didn’t stop for a week. It was as though all warmth was drained from the valley in his passing. His extinction spurred the onset of deep winter, basin gate farmland in white, burying us as we were burying him.

Cut off from all major access roads, our tiny village-little more than a shapeless, desolate cluster of farmhouses and cottages -was left bereft, and with no foreseeable respite from our isolation.

Pendulous clouds hung low on the mountaintop around us, and a persistent freezing fog clung to the ground, causing windward needles of hard rime ice to form on the spindly branches of the naked deciduous trees that dotted the landscape.

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Affinity-by-Sarah-Waters4: Affinity by Sarah Waters

3 August 1873

I was never so frightened as I am now. They have left me sitting in the dark, with only the light from the window to write by. They have put me in my own room, they have locked the door on me. They wanted Ruth to do it, but she would not. She said ‘What, do you want me to lock up my own mistress, who has done nothing?’ In the end the doctor took the key from her & locked the door himself, then made her leave me. Now the house is full of voices, all saying my name. If I close my eyes & listen it might be any ordinary night. I might be waiting for Mrs. Brink to come & take me down to a dark circle, & Madeleine or any girl might be there, blushing, thinking of Peter, of Peter’s great dark whiskers & shining hands. But Mrs. Brink is lying quite alone in her own cold bed, & Madeleine Silvester is downstairs weeping in a fit. And Peter Quick is gone, I think for ever.

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The Ghost and the Machine by Benny Lawrence5: The Ghost and the Machine by Benny Lawrence

Part 1 Pawn

People sometimes ask me what it’s like to travel inside a box.

I don’t like to answer with sweeping statements, because I think it depends on the box. Mine was quite nice, as boxes go.

Don’t ask me about measurements. I didn’t have a ruler up my sleeve. But it was long enough for me to lie at full length, and high enough to let me turn over. It was lined with red cloth, like a jewelry case, and there were slits carved in the lid for air holes. On cold days, I was allowed to have a blanket in there.

The box was strapped to the back of the coach, and that was how we traveled. I was packed away with the rest of the luggage, hidden from any curious eyes.

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Maybe Next Time by Karin Kallmaker7: Maybe Next Time by Karin Kallmaker

“Ms. Starling, you’ve got six claim checks, but I’ve only got five bags. What’s missing?”

Bree stared fixedly at the skycap but could still see the bad in question out of the corner of her eye, circling on the baggage claim conveyor. The violin case was soon going to be the only unclaimed item.

Walk away, she told herself. It’s that easy.

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One-Degree-of-Seperation-by-Karin-Kallmaker8: One Degree of Separation by Karin Kallmaker

Monday evening, June 2:

I will not damage the rude patrons of the annoying heterosexual coworker.

Trombone continues to throw up in my shoes. Professor Hill has chewed up the crotch of yet another pair of panties. It’s been so long since anyone was down there I’ve probably turned to liverwurst.

I’m never going to move up if I don’t get my M.L.S., so I’m going to get my M.L.S It’s not like it’ll cut much into my social life.

HER is still the only woman I want. As usual, I feel stupid and pathetic for wanting HER.

Someone will die if my period doesn’t start tomorrow.

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Mistress-on-her-knees-by-Anastasia-Vitsky9: Mistress on Her Knees by Anastasia Vitsky

Top 10 Reasons Why Dommes Shouldn’t Date Each Other Trinity’s Version 1

She always has to be right.

2 She is never wrong. See #1.

3 She’s a control freak. See #1.

4 She’s so accustomed to her clients submitting that she acts as if I will do the same.

5 Sometimes, I wish we could fight like regular people. Yell, cream, walk away in a huff, and pretend it never happened the next day. But, no, we have to “make sure we understand each other so this never happens again.”

6 Power struggles. Need I say more?

7 Even when she “lets” me be in charge for a scene, she still tops from the bottom. And critiques. And gives pointers how to improve my technique. Let’s just say she shouldn’t agree to try breath lay with me. Ever. Maybe not rope play either.

8 there is NO right way to load a dishwasher.

The full review of Mistress On Her Knees can be found here

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10: Thirteen Hours by Meghan O’Brien

Hour Zero

At approximately seven o’clock on the evening of her twenty-eighth birthday, during an otherwise uneventful Friday night at the office, Dana Watts was confronted by the perfect pair of naked female breasts she had ever seen. Given that her real-life exposure to naked female breasts had, until that moment, been limited to the odd chance in the locker room at the gym and, when she was twelve years old, a rather uncomfortable glimpse of her grandmother dressing in her bedroom with the door ajar, this was perhaps not saying a lot.

The breasts in question were attached to a half-naked stripper who landed on her lap and began gyrating in time with some godawful, bass-heavy music that blasted from an iPod now sitting on Dana’s desk. Unable to move with the woman’s weight across her thighs, uncertain about what to do with her hands, Dana could only sit and stare at the rosy-tipped breasts that swayed in front of her face.

They were perfect, and for a crazy moment, she forgot about the proposal she was supposed to be drafting and considered reaching up to cup them in her hands.

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This was a tough list to complete and I had to leave out some really great beginnings. It was so difficult that I have another list of brilliant beginnings that you may also want to check out.