Lucifer Rising by Sharon BowersLucifer Rising by Sharon Bowers was one of those books that sits with you long after you have read it.

Have you ever had a book that you read and it stays with you? The feeling lives under your skin like a shimmer and you can’t get it out of your head.

Well Lucifer Rising was like that for me.

It’s an old book and Bowers has never written again. At the time I was so thrilled with my discovery and I Googled Sharon Bowers to see if she had written anything else.

She had a website and she posted a notice that she wouldn’t write again. She found the process really taxing and didn’t want a repeat. And today if you Google her you get nothing.

Not that I am a cyber stalker or anything, just an avid fan in hopes that she will one day have inspiration for another book.

In my opinion it is a loss to lesbian literature, but hey, short of finding Bowers, sticking her in a basement and only feeding her if she writes, there isn’t anything that one can do about it. Sad.

However, I am honoured to have read the one book she did put into the world.

This book is about two women, the one is Jude Lucien, a DEA agent who turned to crime and the other is Liz Gardener a reporter who accidentally (on purpose) bumps into Lucien at her night club looking for the real story behind the mysterious woman.

Liz tells Jude that she is a novelist and the two go back to Jude’s beach house. As they are about to kiss there is a shot. Liz is hit and Jude insists that she stay for a few days at the beach house so that she can find out who is behind the hit. This leads us into a story with a great series of twists and of course a really sexy romance because a lesbian book without love is just not right.

The Characters

What’s not to love about a dark, brooding, sexy woman with a gun getting it on with a feisty reporter?

The Writing Style

Nicely paced, well written and a great read.

The Pros

All of it. It is a good length, the characters are well developed and you can believe them and their reactions.

The Cons

You can’t get it on kindle. The technology has dated just a tad. It is difficult to find a copy since it is an older book.

The Conclusionsheena's favourite

It is a great read. Highly recommended.

If you ever read this, Ms Bowers. Please write another one. Pretty, pretty please.

Excerpt from Lucifer Rising by Sharon Bowers

To call Jude just a drug dealer would be about as accurate and all encompassing as calling da Vinci just a painter. Her long fingers reached all over the world, and they were dipped not just in the honey pots of the drug trade, but also in gun running and gambling as well as assorted other legitimate businesses. For reasons baffling to her competitors, Jude drew the line at peddling human flesh. “I don’t begrudge his or her pleasures,” she said on the subject. “But quite frankly the idea of my people providing a girl to some fat, old man so he can shove his dick up her ass does not appeal to me.”

Once the dark, golden prodigy of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Jude was now biting with a vengeance the hand that used to feed her. They had plucked her from the streets, where she was a wild child rapidly making a name for herself in murky corridors, and submerged in a world of liquid decadence and powdered highs. They had changed her name and given her a badge that wouldn’t protect her in the circles where she travelled. However, the unique skill that Jude brought to her new life could not be taught in any academy. Something in her had always responded to the maleficent call of those she was obligated to hunt, making her the perfect undercover agent. In a world where one misstep meant an instant and irreversible retribution, she had thrived – snaring increasingly larger prizes and turning them obediently over to her DEA masters. Somewhere along the line, something went complexly–horrifically–wrong.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 978-0967768724
  • Publisher: Justice House Publishing

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