Little Lies by Lila BruceLittle Lies by Lila Bruce is a charming, funny romance and a fab audiobook. It is the story of Lia Broderick and Dylan McKenzie. The book starts with Lia being shot and being saved by a gorgeous woman from the coffee shop that she frequents. The mysterious stranger happens to be Dylan, an FBI agent who has been trailing Lia in hopes of finding her ex husband, the only man who can bring down the mob.

Saving the life of the woman she was keeping tabs on has some unforeseen consequences as she has to break her cover in order to save her. Dylan tries hard not to be sucked into Lia’s life but the harder she tries to break ties with the beautiful accountant the more involved she becomes.

When a rogue agent betrays them Dylan has to go on the run with Lia. Not only does she have to figure out who she can trust and keep them both alive but she has to guard her heart because she may just be falling in love with the woman in her care.

The Characters

I enjoyed both main characters and the various side characters. They each had clear personalities and it was easy to follow who was who.

I also really loved the dog even though she made only a small appearance in the book.

The Writing Style

This was a charming, light romance with a bit of fun action thrown in. The writing style is light and delivers the quirk and humor fantastically.

Lila Bruce did a fun thing with this book by adding in some of the overused tropes and cliches that you find in romance novels as a side theme. A highlight of the book was discovering those as they came up. It was a ton of fun and it is brilliantly used when the characters finally get together. It made me want to listen to that part on repeat a couple of times.

The Narration

The narration was great. The pacing, voices and storytelling kept me interested and listening. Tia Rider Sorensen managed both male and female voices nicely and kept the voices consistent for the characters.

The Pros

I enjoyed the story and the light writing style in particular.

There were some perfect touches that gave me a good chuckle like the fact that Lia referred to Dylan as hazelnut latte for the first while because that was Dylan’s regular coffee order at the coffee shop.

The Cons

I am not a huge fan of the cover. I think it looks too much like an action story. And while this does have some action it is much more of a light romance than anything else. Also it feels rather brown which is off-putting.

This book deserves a better cover.

The Conclusion

This is the perfect audiobook when you want something that is light, romantic and has a sprinkle of humour. It’s a delight listen and I recommend it for a light summer story or to alleviate the winter blues.

Excerpt from Little Lies by Lila Bruce

Please note I edited this down a little, so there is a section that appears in the book and not here.

As she lay dying on the cold, hard floor of the Main Street branch of Citizen’s First Bank and Trust, Lia Broderick couldn’t help but think that she should have gone with the cheesecake last night at dinner.

The cheesecake had been a rich creamy color, sliced nearly as large as the dessert plate, and smothered with a decadent, red strawberry topping–almost the same color red as the blood that was pumping out of the rather large hole the bullet had put into her side. Katie, Lia’s best friend and co-worker, had ordered a slice of the mouthwatering dessert and gone on and on about how good it was. She had even offered up a bite, but Lia declined, thinking about the ten pounds that had sneaked up on her over the past few months. Instead she had opted for a rather bland and flaky-tasting slice of no sugar-added apple pie.

Somewhere over the odd buzzing in her head that had started a few seconds after she hit the floor, Lia could hear the sound of people shouting and chairs being overturned.

I really should have gone with that cheesecake…


Lia opened her eyes to see that the woman had returned. She nodded as the woman dropped several items on the ground beside Lia and began to sort through them. As Lia watched, it suddenly struck her where she knew the woman from.

It’s hazelnut latte.

The woman suddenly froze and gave Lia an odd look. Lia wondered for a moment if she had actually said that aloud.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” the woman asked frowning. “I don’t think I understood you.”

Oh God, I did say it. Lia flushed and then mumbled made up words, hoping that the woman would think that she was out of her head. It seemed to work, as the other woman dropped her gaze back to what she’d been doing.

She recognized the woman–the incredibly attractive woman–from the shop around the corner. She was usually just ahead of Lia in line and always ordered a large hazelnut latte. Lia had first noticed her about a couple of weeks ago, but she’d never actually spoken to the woman. Lia had always been content just to sit back at an empty table and admire the brunette’s subtle curves as she waited for her own coffee order to be completed.

Lia groaned as Hazelnut Latte leaned forward, the woman’s breasts brushing over Lia’s body. Well, if I can’t have cheesecake, this isn’t a bad way to go, she thought.

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Bits and Bobs

  • Narrator: Tia Rider Sorensen

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Note: I received a free review copy of Little Lies by Lila Bruce. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.