Real Love by Graysen MorgenReal Love by Graysen Morgen is a romance set in the mountains of Vermont. Leigh Myer is a trauma nurse in a run-down city hospital and is almost at the end of her tether. When her friend and colleague sees she badly needs a break, she offers her cabin in the mountains for two weeks, hoping that Leigh will come back refreshed. Instead she keeps bumping into a certain rugged Fish and Wildlife Officer, Camden Gorely, and her vacation takes on an unexpected dimension. Camden is dedicated to her job and is firmly rooted in her life in the mountains. She’s been there and done that as far as short term flings with holidaymakers goes – and has no intention of doing it again. But Leigh has something special that keeps pulling her back. Will she be able to resist? Will Leigh even be open to something more – and will the lure of the mountain lifestyle and the animals living there be enough?

The Characters

Leigh comes across as a woman on the verge of depression as she struggles to cope with her job and the doctors who fail to respect her level of expertise. I was drawn to her immediately and wanted her to find some peace in the mountains. She was full of wonder as she discovered a new way of life was possible – and the reader got to learn as she did. Camden was a rugged and ultra-capable butch, who was at home saving the wildlife around her and the idiots who ended up in dire straits because they couldn’t follow the rules of the mountain. She was one impressive woman and very crush-worthy.  They were well-rounded characters, with interesting and full lives.

The Writing Style

The writing was well-paced and let us get to know the two main characters bit by bit, revealing more about their past lives as the story progressed.

The Pros

I enjoyed the descriptions of the area in Vermont, especially the lifestyles of those living in the small town nearby, and of those living on the mountain itself. I loved finding out about the animals and the stories that came from their interactions with the inhabitants.

The Cons

There is a mention of physical abuse in the latter part of the book.

The Conclusion

When you want to spend time in a fictional setting, and with the people who live there, then you know the author has succeeded in writing a memorable story. Real Love is an emotional love story with wonderful main characters and a stunning background. The romance was an important part of the book, but the author managed to make it more than that. It was the story of a way of life and how that was as important as finding love. It made their love part of a bigger change for both of them.

Excerpt from Real Love by Graysen Morgen

“This is crazy,” Leigh mumbled to herself as she set her purse and bags down on the couch. She looked out the window at Camden leaning against the seat of the sled like the cool kid with the best bicycle in the neighborhood. Damn you for being so charismatic. “Abby would die if she knew what I was about to do,” she laughed to herself as she pulled the door closed and locked it, storing the key in her coat pocket. “All ready,” she exclaimed with a big smile. Camden handed Leigh her helmet. “Isn’t this yours?” “Yes, but I trust myself. You’ve never been on one of these, correct?” Leigh nodded.

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Bits and Bobs

ISBN number: 978-1970042085
Publisher: Triplicity

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