Lightning Chasers by Cass SellarsLightning Chasers by Cass Sellars is the second book in the Lightning series and continues the relationship between Syd Hyatt and Parker Duncan. And yes, in my view Syd is still HOT! They have now been together for nearly a year, they have a good circle of supportive friends and life is working out well for them.

We see the happiness evident in the relationship between Syd and Parker at the start of the book. In addition, we are also privy to the comfortable relationship they have with their best friends, two butch Police Sergeants and their wives when they all attend a city function.

Pamela Hyatt is in evidence as well, as acerbic as always, against Syd being a lesbian and trying to ensure that Syd is not able to grow her business. 

Police Sergeant Sandy Curran, along with her wife Mia, are two of the close circle of friends. Sandy is convinced that something shady is happening at a disused warehouse in the industrial area. Every Sunday night a delivery truck appears, unloads crates and drives away. She has reported her suspicions but feels because she is now in uniform and no longer a detective, that her reports have been discounted. She thus spends her Sunday evenings watching the warehouse whilst doing her paperwork.

One Sunday evening she is murdered outside the warehouse. I had to put the book down. I knew it was going to happen, it is in the synopsis. But I was lulled into a false sense of security and I could not believe it.

Sandy’s friends, including Mack and Syd, realise that the investigation into Sandy’s murder has stalled, and they decide to take matters into their own hands at the risk of their own careers.

The Characters

The sudden death of someone they are close to will give friends that are left behind much to think about. This will include feelings of fear of loss of their own partners and the need for their safety. Syd and Parker have a relationship that appears secure at the start, but it is tested as the story progresses. In addition, they struggle to deal with the re-appearance of one of Syd’s ex-girlfriend who decides she would like Syd back.

Detective Sergeant Mack Foster is the butch detective and the driving force of the story. She is called to the scene of the murder of her friend and leads the investigation at the start. She has to deal with all the feelings of loss of a friend and at the same time remain professional. We realise that she wants to protect and provide for Jenny, her wife, and Olivia, her daughter. This, along with her belief in justice and the rule of law is being tested as the investigation continues.

Darcy Dean is the bubbly, femme, forensic Lab Manager who examines the crime scene and joins the group of friends to help solve the murder. We learn she has a fear of committing to any relationship and her storyline has her exploring these feelings.

The Writing Style

It is a rewarding read, and Sellars ensures you feel the emotions in the story. The first section of the book leads you into thinking this will be a story about relationships between a group of friends, which it is. But, it is so much more. It is a murder investigation, and whilst it is not too difficult to work out who is probably responsible, the investigation and the relationships amongst the friends are what sets this apart.

You will find yourself turning the pages, lost in another world. I think the icing on the cake is that there is romance as well.

The Pros

The romance between Syd and Parker retains the fire from the first book and our journey with them as their relationship continues to grow is one of the high points of the book.

Sellars uses the murder to explore how butch women deal with feelings of safety and protection of their loved ones.

The Cons

It’s not a con as such, but I would like to have seen more of Syd’s mother, Pamela. She has a couple of appearances in the story which just weren’t enough! She so flawed in the first book, making her a memorable character and I was hoping to see more of her.

The Conclusion

You need to buy Lightning Strikes (Book 1 in the series) and read it first as it sets the scene for this book. It will ensure the relationship between Syd and Parker is firmly in place in your mind before they are tested, and you start adding friends to the mix. It is a story about the butch/femme relationship with the backdrop of murder. It is a wonderful read!

Excerpt from Lightning Chasers by Cass Sellars

“She’s supposedly by herself because her husband is out of town? Please,” Parker scoffed. “I wear your faded Forensics Academy T-shirt and boxers when you’re out of town.”

“Still sexy as hell,” Syd said as she glided a palm along Parker’s thigh before Parker slapped it away playfully.

“Even if you are home, I would save satin bustiers and matching lingerie for special occasions. No woman sleeps in that crap. It’s ridiculously uncomfortable and a waste of a come get me outfit.”

“Do you have any such outfit you can wear for me right now? It might help me visualize,” Syd said teasingly, pulling Parker against her.

“You’re not listening to me.” Parker laughed at the playful bites Syd was doling out across her shoulder. Syd straightened and released her hold on Parker so she could resume her explanation. “Sorry. I’m listening. I promise.” She snuck in a last peck against Parker’s cheek and angled the chair back toward the photos.

“Her hair is perfect and looks newly colored. Her manicure is fresh and she’s wearing earrings. I bet Bob’s investigator fell for the damsel in distress story, assisted greatly by her long legs and big boobs.”

“And you think she was meeting someone for a rendezvous of the sexual kind. Makes more sense than being sound asleep looking like a Victoria’s Secret model, I suppose. I guess I should have done the math myself.” Syd shook her head and began clicking the screens.

“You were probably admiring her big boobs and long legs too. I seem to remember that you had a type.”

Syd colored slightly and shook her head at the reference to her dubious past. “We both know my type consisted of willing and not too bright. I lucked out when you reformed me.”

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Lightning Chasers

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