Knotted Legacy by Brenda MurphyKnotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy is a sensual BDSM romance about letting go of the past and moving on and learning the art of opening up and trusting the person you desire. It also emphasizes the harsh truth that life is fragile, therefore, you should live life on your own terms and not be held captive by another person’s expectations.

Who would have thought that Martha McLeod, the top Mistress of Rowan House, Skye’s most elite house of pleasure, would suffer from a broken heart? Martha is having a hard time with getting over her ex-lover and moving on so she decides that a trip to Madame Givernay’s home in Lake Como, Italy is just what she needs to get back on the right track. Madame Givernay is the only person who knows about Martha’s best kept secret. Martha finds the comfort she seeks at Madame Givernay’s feet and she is free to serve, feel, obey and submit to her heart’s desire.

While Martha is visiting Madame Givernay, she meets Mistress Lucia Coruso. Martha is drawn to Lucia’s reserved and distinguished manner but she is terrified about her feelings for Lucia because she is afraid that her well-kept secret will be exposed. An unknown enemy threatens Martha’s livelihood and the lives of the people who are dear to her heart. Would Martha and Lucia be able to put their differences aside and join forces to stop the blackmailer’s nefarious plans?

The Characters

Martha McLeod is the beguiling mistress of Rowan House. Martha runs her high class house of pleasure with a tight fist. She bottles up all of her emotions and she rarely allows anyone to see her in a vulnerable state. I am not ashamed to admit that I had fallen for Martha from the beginning (this was a case of love at first word…) She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her staff and her customers. There’s no way that I could resist a woman who is generous, sensitive, down-to-earth and passionate. Martha’s ability to switch from mistress to submissive made me love her even more.

Lucia Coruso is a mistress in her own right and she has learned her lessons well under the firm hand of Madame Givernay. Lucia is battling her own demons while she struggles with the feelings she has for Martha. I wanted to reach through my kindle and give Lucia a huge hug because she has a very painful past and she puts on a mask to hide her true feelings from everyone. I began to fan myself from the first moment Lucia was mentioned in this story because she is a force to be reckoned with! There was a point in time where I wished Lucia was a flesh and blood woman because I would have been overjoyed to be in her presence (impish grin and a sassy wink!)

The Writing Style

I have so much love for stories that have beautiful landscapes that would wake up the wanderlust demon in me and characters that I can relate to and adore. This story did not disappoint because it gave me those things and so much more! I must say that Brenda Murphy has a way with words and she definitely knows how to keep me hooked because the BDSM scenes between the women in Rowan House kept me glued to my kindle. I got slightly peeved over the fact that I had to go to work and be an adult (Why can’t I just stay in bed and read all day?) 

The Pros

Erotic romance stories have always taken first place on my list when it comes to lesbian fiction. I couldn’t help but devour this engrossing story within a few hours of reading it because I fell really hard for Martha and Lucia! Who doesn’t love a BDSM romance with strong-willed, unyielding and gorgeous mistresses and their willing and always eager to serve submissives.

The Cons

I loved every single word of this enthralling story and I’m sorry it wasn’t longer.

victorias favourite booksaprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Please do not read this story in a public place or at work because you won’t be able to control the blush that will take over your entire face. I learned that lesson the hard way when I attempted to sneak a read while I was at work. My face was so flushed that one of my coworkers decided to turn up the air conditioning and she discreetly asked me if I was going through “the great change,” I’ve never been so mortified in all my life but reading this story was definitely worth it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed with the hope that the author will release another book featuring more dynamic and amazing characters like Martha and Lucia.

Excerpt from Knotted Legacy by Brenda Murphy

“Lucia Coruso, this is Martha McLeod.” Madame sat back in her chair. “Lucia recently returned from Japan.” She rested her hands in her lap, a half smile on her face as she observed them.

Madame’s demeanor as she watched them raised the hairs on Martha’s arms. The woman who stood before her was as tall as Martha. Her thick dark-brown shoulder length hair hung in loose curls around her face and brushed the tops of her broad shoulders. Her skin was medium brown. Corsican? Sicilian? She was dressed in black trousers and a sharply tailored white shirt. The top three buttons of the shirt were unfastened, giving Martha an unfettered view of her collarless neck and ample cleavage. Martha caught herself staring, and she forced herself to look at Lucia’s face. Her eyes were a bright blue-green. Those eyes. Like the sea at Amalfi. Oh, Madame, you know me well.

Lucia looked into Martha’s eyes and inclined her head. “Madame has told me so much about you, Martha.”

The cool edge in her voice cut through Martha’s fog, and she extended her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Martha caught the delicate scent of Lucia’s perfume, sandalwood and jasmine, a subtle blend of spice and sweet.

Lucia took her hand and squeezed hard. Her grip firm, she kept her gaze on Martha’s eyes. “And you as well.”

The effect of her touch and the hard edge to her voice had Martha clenching her jaw. Trying to top me? What the hell? Martha returned the firm grip and her sharp gaze. Does she think I’m a sub outside of here? She’s a Mistress? What the hell is Madame up to?

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