Improbable Heaven by J.P. NoetherImprobable Heaven by J.P. Noether is an adorable, wholesome romance between a messenger angel and a succubus.

Kel is a messenger angel who would rather have her nose stuck in a book than do just about anything else, including her job. She is clumsy, always running late and a little bit of a disaster.

One day Kel overhears her boss having a conversation about how much power someone is gaining and is promptly sent to fetch a message from the mortal realm.

She finds herself running late and ends up having to take a short cut through the hinterlands, an area known for activity by the denizens of hell. There she is caught in a magic trap and when the owner of the trap turns out to be an extremely sexy succubus, Kel finds herself agreeing to a bargain. She will work for Alba, the succubus, for a month and do anything that Alba asks her to do within her power. In exchange she will be released at the end of the time.

Kel has read a bit about succubi and she gets excited at the prospect of no-strings sex, especially with Alba, one of the sexiest people she has ever seen.

Alba has a surprise in store for Kel, though, it isn’t only sex she has on her mind and there is a threat looming large that could be dangerous for them both.

But is it possible that these two beings from the opposite ends of good and evil will be able to be more than enemies? Can Alba keep Kel safe from those who want to harness her power? What will the devil think of all this?

This charming, wholesome, adorable romance will answer all those questions and leave you with a warm and fuzzy spot where your heart lives.

The Characters

We see most of the story from Kel’s point of view. She is a clumsy, sweet, low level angel who feels out of her depth in heaven. Being captured by Alba turns out to be one of the best things that ever happened to her. She unexpectedly finds a place in the world where she belongs and can feel useful.

Alba Is the nicest succubus you could want to meet. She is a scientist who is more interested in helping to create sustainable power sources for hell than she is in hurting anyone. She is so conscientious that she makes a point of protecting Kel and won’t even consider taking advantage of her captive, even if her captive is desperate for her to do exactly that.

The pair make a delightful combination with loads of longing and lesbians being disasters. I loved it.

The Writing Style

This book isn’t a deep literary dive into the complexity of heaven and hell. This is an easy read. The language use is fairly simple and the concepts are clear and well described.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I love the concept and how wholesome this book feels. It’s not at all what I would have thought I was going to get with a succubus character, there are mostly fade to black sex scenes which adds so beautifully to the sweetness of the story. And somehow Noether managed to make the idea of BDSM part of the story and yet kept it really innocent. I have no idea how they managed that but I tip my hat to them.

Heads Up

It’s interesting because you would think a book about a succubus is going to have some raunchy sex scenes but it really didn’t. It alluded to some awesome BDSM but the scenes were not graphic. So if you are thinking – oooh I am going to sink into some sexy with this book then maybe reframe your brain because that will not happen. Still, read it anyway as the sweet and adorable romance it is and pick up the latest O’Brien to help you get your sexy thrills.

The only thing I am a little less than keen on is the fembot figures on the cover, but it’s not the worst I have seen and I like the gold rings.

The Conclusion

sheena's favouriteNoether created an easy fun read. I loved the chemistry between the leads and I spent a fair amount of time wanting to hug them both.

There is a fun little twist that I didn’t see coming and it had a satisfying conclusion.

It’s only about 50,000 words so for those speed readers out there it will be a short book. But I loved that it was easy and fast to read. It gave me a happy, feel good and adorable break from the other books I have been reading and I found myself excited to return to it after stopping.

I will definitely be looking out for future books by Noether and cannot wait to see what they come up with next (I wouldn’t mind seeing more from Lady Lucifer herself – hint hint)

Excerpt from Improbable Heaven by J.P. Noether

Kel tried for winsome. “I wasn’t snooping.” She made her eyes go big. “Just passing through on my way to a meeting.”

At this point, the meeting had ended hours ago.

The succubus arched an eyebrow. “Through the demon hinterlands? Unlikely. Anyway, I don’t care. I’ve caught you, I’ll turn you over to the proper authorities, and you’ll be a lovely bargaining chip in the annual hostage negotiations.”

Kel’s stomach sank lower. That would be the ultimate failure. Letting Sariel down too— Kel knew her own weaknesses well enough, and Sariel had stood up for her in spite of them.

“Please.” Kel rustled her wings inside the trap. She needed help to get out of it, and she had nothing to bargain with. But the image of Jeremiel gloating over her failures when a demon returned her to Heaven— “Please don’t turn me in. I’ll do anything.”

The succubus laughed. The sound twined its way around bits inside Kel that she hadn’t used in ages, accompanied by the scent of violets. “Do you know, I get that a lot?”

“I can imagine,” said Kel without thinking. When she realized that she’d sassed the only person currently capable of extricating her from her dilemma, she cursed internally and at length.

It must have shown on her face. The succubus took a second look as Kel winced down to the very tips of her toes.

“Of course,” said the succubus, very slowly, as if she was still coming to a decision herself, “anything can be so entertaining.”

Kel didn’t trust herself to speak as the succubus looked her over again, appraisingly. She couldn’t help the rush of heat between her legs.

“All right, angel,” said the succubus, “do you really mean anything?”

“Well, not forever,” Kel squeaked. Eventually, even she would be missed. She hoped.

“Of course not forever— how dull. But anything within your capabilities? For a period of, let’s say, thirty days?”

Thirty days was a solid reprieve. Kel could put up with a lot for thirty days. She bit her lip, weighing the offer. Spending time with the artist behind the golden cords offered so many enticing possibilities. Lurid scenarios began to take shape in her mind. There might be handcuffs! Or whipped cream!

Technically, there was nothing in the official rulebook that forbade her from having sex with a demon, though she doubted it would go over well if Heaven found out. Well, they didn’t have to know. Kel could have her fun now and figure out how to deal with the echelons later. She nodded, decision made. “All right.”

“Then we have a bargain, angel. Thirty days, you’ll do anything you can that I ask.” The succubus waved a hand, and the golden strands that had given Kel so much trouble vanished. “Have you got a name?”

“Kel.” She was proud that her voice didn’t squeak this time. Almost.

“And I’m Alba. Come along.” She bustled away through the forest, not bothering to look back to see that Kel was following.

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