Her Hardest Choice by Jessalin CreswellHer Hardest Choice by Jesalin Creswell is the perfect short romance. It is filled with angst, it is beautifully written and it is about two women. What more could a girl want?

I have to give Creswell a well done on her novellas. She is a spectacular writer. Her scenes are well set, her tone is captivating and before I know it, the story is playing out in my head as the pages turn in front of me. But I am getting carried away here. Let me start by telling you the story…

Her Hardest Choice is about Vivian and Millie.

Vivian is a wealthy widow at the age of twenty-five after losing her husband in a war. She is struggling to find her place in the world and is less than keen to return to society in London when her maid and butler run off to elope. A new maid, nineteen-year-old Millie, is thrust upon Vivian by her socialite sister-in-law because a lady needs a decent maid. And then the passions begin to percolate.

Vivian finds herself attracted to a woman for the first time, and not just any woman, but this innocent maid who is below her station with no money to her name and yet Vivian cannot resist her pull. She tries hard to deny her attraction to Millie but it only grows stronger.

The Characters

The story is entirely told from Vivian’s point of view allowing us to see Millie as if it were our own passions that the girl inflames. This works well to build the intensity and uncertainty of this budding relationship.

It is a short story so there wasn’t a lot of time for character growth and yet Vivian had a lovely character arc and a fulfilling realisation that made me feel really good as a reader.

The Writing Style

Creswell writes beautifully. The words she chooses hold a poetry and colour than not many writers manage. I am thrilled to see such quality appearing in the lesbian fiction genre.

The Pros

This is a perfect short story when you want something full of the drama of forbidden love.

The Cons

I spent a while trying to come up with one con but I cannot.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

I really enjoyed this book. Creswell has a writing style that I appreciate and this is the kind of book that you can almost taste because the words are so well chosen and touch because the phrases are so beautiful. You will feel a little bruised while reading it because you will become Vivian and you too will have restless dreams about your desires for Millie.

Excerpt from Her Hardest Choice by Jesalin Creswell

Her breath hitched at the girl’s brazen compliment…and made her tummy tingle. It wasn’t quite anything she’d experienced before, nor did she expect such a strong reaction from another woman’s comment. And it wasn’t just the comment itself, too. It was the way the young girl looked at her, so unconcerned about her behaviour, so unaware of the almost indecent nature of her words…Vivian shook her head.

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