The-Loney-Hearts-Club-by-RadclyffeThe Lonely Hearts Club by Radclyffe is a story of three friends who are looking for love. The main character is attorney Liz Ramsay. She isn’t quite ready for love when she meets Reilly Danvers, a surgeon.

Liz’s two friends, Candace and Brenda, both have romantic stories developing as the book progresses yet all three stories remain different and uniquely interesting.

Candace is a playgirl and is not the sort to want to settle down. This creates a complex set of feelings for her when she meets another playgirl who she cannot stop thinking about.

Brenda has a dark secret that she is hiding from her friends and during a birthday outing to a strip club she confronts a truth she has been secretly harbouring.

The Characters

This was a book with a lot of main characters and those are not easy to write. I give real credit to Radclyffe for achieving such unique characters that are all wonderful in their own way.

The Writing Style

As always, Radclyffe has done a lovely job of bringing life to these women. We care about them and enjoy the journey that she takes us on. Nicely written and enjoyable every time I read it.

The Pros

I like that there is a trio of friends and they all find love in a different sort of way. I enjoyed the diversity of the characters and even though Liz and Reilly are her typical romantic duo the others are not, so you get a bit of the good ol’ Radclyffe romance along with a little bit of something fresh in the supporting characters.

The Cons

No real cons.

The Conclusion

It was a good read especially if you want something heavy on romance but with a different twist. It is worth a read if you don’t already own it. Definitely on my list of books that I am pleased I own.

Excerpt from The Lonely Hearts Club by Radclyffe

“Do I know you?” Reilly muttered, unable to decide whether to be pissed or to laugh. She hadn’t been dumped on her ass by a woman, or anyone else for that matter, since she’d stopped competitive sparring three years earlier. After her eyeballs stopped ricocheting around in their sockets and she was able to focus on the figure leaning over her, she decided that being pissed might not be the smart road to take. The woman who had knocked her flat was beautiful. Wavy, shoulder-length coppery-brown hair. The milky complexion of a classic redhead accompanies by deep green eyes. At the moment, those eyes were so sharply focused on Reilly’s face, so penetrating, that for an instant she thought that the woman was reading her mind. Considering that her thoughts were about to veer in directions they hadn’t taken in a very long time that might be a bad idea.

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