Course Of Action by Gun BrookeCourse Of Action by Gun Brooke is one of my very favourite lesbian romance novels ever. It’s my go-to comfort read and I come back to it at least once a year.

Carolyn Black is a successful actress ready to take the next big step: she wants to play Diana Maddox in the blockbuster film adaptation of the books that she helped popularize in their audio form. But first she has to convince Annelie Peterson, publisher of the books and producer of the new adaptation, who is just not sure Carolyn is right for the part.

Despite being at odds about the role, Carolyn and Annelie strike up a friendship that makes Carolyn question for the first time in her life if she’s actually as straight as she thought she was. At the same time, Annelie wonders if she can trust that Carolyn isn’t just interested in sleeping with her so she can get the role of a lifetime.

The Characters

The characters are the strength of Course Of Action and are the reason why I keep coming back to it again and again. Carolyn and Annelie are smart, strong, successful women who have come up from difficult pasts. Their chemistry builds slowly as they get to know each other, and the book satisfyingly leaves them in an established relationship, each having grown and been enriched by the other. I love every second that the two spend together.

I enjoy many of the side characters, particularly their friends, family and coworkers. I especially love when Helen and Jem both stay over at Annelie’s place and I haven’t given up hope that Gun Brooke will eventually write a book where those two fall in love.

The Writing Style

This is Gun Brooke’s first book, so it’s not as tightly written as some of her later books. I don’t even care, though, because I love it so much.

The Pros

High drama, big feelings, and an excellent romance. Also, when I first read this I thought it was unrealistic that an audio book could be more popular than its printed version, but at this point I think it’s possible and an interesting idea.

The Cons

There’s a side plot related to Annelie’s father and it just doesn’t work for me at all.

Tara's Favourite Novels reviewed on on TheLesbianReview.comThe Conclusion

I love this book. Has that come across in this review? Like big time, fighty feelings love it. It’s also priced well below the typical price for lesfic novels, so you really should pick it up.

Excerpt from Course Of Action by Gun Brooke

Carolyn was looking at her with stormy gray eyes, her lips slightly parted. “I’m all wrong, I know,” she continued in a low, throaty voice. “Still…” She leaned in farther, closing the distance between their lips until she was little more than a breath away.

Annelie knew she ought to pull back, but she simply couldn’t resist. Closing her eyes, she wrapped an arm around Carolyn’s waist. “You want me to kiss you?” she said huskily, her voice barely audible.

Not waiting for a reply, she leaned down and pressed her lips against Carolyn’s. Afterwards she knew she might have been able to kiss her and then pull back, if only Carolyn had not moaned softly and whimpered Annelie’s name into her mouth.

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