Elodie by Emma NicholsElodie by Emma Nichols is a sensual romance. It is HOT! And it has a romance that will grip you tight along with the very sexy, sexy sex.

Elodie Marchand is the vigneron, owner of a winery in the Sancerre region of France. She is the latest in her family line to own the vineyard and has taken it from debt to success. Elodie is confident and attractive with a wide range of wealthy business friends. She uses her sound business acumen to find investment opportunities for them. She is always in control and has no shortage of casual partners for sex, basing herself in a local spa. The cover of the book entices you, the reader, into her world of the Blue Room.

Kaye Sykes is a holidaying Brit, escaping from the aftermath of a terrible marriage and the acrimonious divorce that follows it. She got a windfall divorce settlement and, on a whim, decided to take a break on a canal boat in France. She books to volunteer at a vineyard in Sancerre for the grape harvest and meets Elodie.

The women are attracted to each other from the start enjoying casual sex, each having reasons for not wanting a lasting relationship. But as always in life, feelings change, and things are either too much or not enough; either way, they no longer work.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Nichols is one of those writers with the gift of writing angsty romances, which will give you all the feels. Elodie is no different and beautifully written. I loved that in Elodie, Nichols provides us with a view of how sex with anonymous women could happen amongst the wealthy in France and shows how that can become a part of what makes a character; and whether it is enough. If you come upon a sex scene, I suggest that you don’t read it in a public place. It sizzles!

The characters Nichols creates are cleverly entwined in the story and ensure you have a thoughtful read. Particularly Francoise, who encourages Kaye to open herself to possibilities, you find yourself thinking alongside Kaye.

The descriptions of France and living on a narrowboat will transport you there, and if you add in the vineyards, you’ll have a treat. I could smell the river, the countryside, and the vines in that heat. Pour yourself a glass of wine while you’re reading and really get into the mood.

Cons And Heads Up

Kaye has escaped an abusive marriage, and while there is nothing described in detail, I’d be remiss not to mention it.

The Conclusion

valdens favourite booksElodie is a sensual and angsty romance that is both hot and thoughtfully written.

The sex is part of the story and illustrates Elodie’s character beautifully, but that does not take away from the romance. It has everything you need for two characters to meet and work through how their relationship influences their lives in the future. The story flows along on wine, vineyards, and the French countryside. On attraction, sex, and romance. On different internal emotions and different dreams.


Excerpt from Elodie by Emma Nichols

She grabbed her bike from the wall, threw her leg over the central bar, and put her foot on the pedal. She was about to push down and set the bicycle in motion when she realised she hadn’t properly said goodbye. She stepped off the bike. Her dress had pulled up above her knee, and she tried to brush it down. “I… thank you for… everything.”

Elodie took a pace toward Kaye, and her heart tried to break out of her chest.

“In France, it’s customary to do this.” Elodie took another step closer, put her hands on each of Kaye’s arms, and leaned forward.

When Elodie’s lips met Kaye’s cheek, a quake moved through Kaye. Flames shot down to her core, and her cheek felt as if it was on fire. Maybe it was the years of repressed sexual appetite or the desire to reclaim the exquisite feeling of needing and wanting to be touched, but the softness of Elodie’s cheek against her own lingered long after Elodie let her go. Elodie said something, then she smiled and started to laugh. Kaye felt caressed by the gentle amusement though she hadn’t heard a word Elodie had said.

“I was wondering… would you like a tour around the factory some time? It’s good to know how the wine is made.”

Kaye could still feel Elodie’s lips against her cheek. Processing the words was a challenge. She nodded. She walked along the track pushing her bike for some time until she realised she should put on her hat to avoid getting burnt and get on the bike and ride it.

By the time she reached the narrowboat, she was adamant about one thing. She needed that cold shower and an early night. The craving that had snuck up on her would be gone by the morning, or she would have better control over it.

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