Confined Desires by Katherine McIntyreConfined Desires by Katherine McIntyre is a friends-to-lovers romance set in a pandemic where two women confront their inescapable passion.

After her long-time boyfriend dumped her and all of her friends ghosted her back in Seattle, Mia Brownstone has come back home to Delaware to try and rebuild her life. When Mia left town years ago, she lost contact with everyone. Now, with nowhere left to go, she finds herself crashing on her high school best friend’s couch. Despite the years apart, the reunion with Sky is easier than she’d imagined.

Sky Jenkins has spent years working her way up the culinary ladder in various restaurants in the city. She’s now a chef at a prestigious waterfront restaurant and loving it. Despite all of her career success, Sky has never been able to manage success in relationships. She’s sexy, talented, and funny, but self-sabotage is her Achilles’ heel. Sky knows that everyone leaves, eventually. Even her best friend Mia had left without warning. Now that she’s back in town, Sky isn’t sure what to think. All she knows is that her friend needs a place to stay, and she can’t turn her away.

Mia and Sky are just beginning to figure out how to rekindle their friendship when news of a widespread TELA virus erupts and soon after puts them in a lockdown – together. Mia can’t move into her rental apartment. Sky can’t work in the closed down restaurant. They’re stuck inside and together until further notice.

With nowhere to go and nothing but time, Mia and Sky have the opportunity to rebuild their friendship, but something feels different than it did years ago. Sky’s unrequited desire for her high school dream girl reaches new heights as the days pass together. At the same time, Mia is realizing a longing for Sky that she’s never felt before. As the heat rises in Sky’s apartment, hearts and bodies are entangled. But when the doors to the outside open again, will there still be something between them? Is it possible for two women who are both afraid of being abandoned truly build something lasting?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

One of the things I love about Confined Desires is the beautiful, tiny universe that McIntyre created especially for Sky and Mia. There are only a handful of backdrops for the characters but each one gives something to the storyline. It’s a perfect containment without becoming boring or stagnant.

I also enjoyed the sexual tension that built to a perfect pinnacle. The anticipation was well worth the wait because the sex scenes were lovely.

Last, but not least, in my list of favorite things – I’m a sucker for a sweet, smart, tattooed butch woman, and Sky was all of that and more. *swoon*

Cons And Heads Up

There’s a subplot surrounding a drunk driving death, if that’s a trigger you’d like to avoid.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a sweet, passionate, angsty, friends-to-lovers romance, this is the book for you. It’s the first in the series, so grab it now and you’ll be caught up before the release of book #2!

TLDR (too long didn’t read)

Confined Desires is a friends-to-lovers romance that is set during a global pandemic. Two high school best friends find passion and romance, but will the fire still burn once the pandemic is over?

Excerpt from Confined Desires by Katherine McIntyre

As they headed toward the bar, Sky slipped her arm around Mia’s shoulders, pretending for a moment that this might be normal between them. As if all those fantasies weren’t just wishful dreams and Mia might feel something more than friendship for her. Though truth be told, if those fantasies ever came true, she’d probably run screaming. She’d avoided anything true since her junior year.

One loss had been enough to ruin her for good.

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