Supercorp In A Knight’s TaleIf you have always wanted a lesbian adaptation with Supercorp In A Knight’s Tale then this is your lucky day because It Stood Thus In Our Stars When We Were Born by Jazzfordshire is exactly that.

Kara, Alex and Winn are squires for an old, washed up knight who dies. They are left without any money and resort to dressing Kara up as a knight so that she can attend tournaments in an effort to win some cash.

It is at one of these tournaments where Kara spots Lena and cannot help but make a fool of herself  in her effort to get Lena’s name.

Lena, being a beautiful woman of noble birth, is used to a slew of knights vying for her affection, this irritates her because she is a lesbian and isn’t seeking the attentions of any man. But there is something about the knight that Kara pretends to be, something that is oddly alluring and makes Lena take a second look.

But will Kara be able to reveal her secret to Lena without scaring her away and what happens when people start realising that Kara is actually good at the tournaments? Can they avoid suspicion or will Kara be found out?


This is an adorable retelling of a sweet romance with loads of moments that tug at your heart.

I love that they are both lesbians from the start and have no issue with their own sexuality. There is a place for coming out or toaster oven stories, but sometimes I just like reading about women who are okay with being lesbians and falling in love.


It has a couple of typos. Having said that though, it’s not at all bad in that regard and the writing style is surprisingly good for a piece of work that isn’t done professionally.


You should read this whether or not you are into the idea that Supergirl and Lena Luthor should be together. There is just enough of the character traits in the fanfic to make followers of the fandom happy but the story is so cute that it can absolutely be read by folks just looking for a sweet, fun read with no stakes in the supercop fandom at all.

Note: Kara has no superpowers in this one, other than being utterly charming and kick ass at jousting and sword fighting.

Excerpt from Supercorp In A Knight’s Tale

The woman moves her head, their eyes meet, and Kara’s heart stops.

Directed towards her, the woman is even more startling in her beauty. Her brows are thick and even, her cheekbones stark under those eyes – and, God, those eyes. Under their scrutiny, Kara is startled by their colour – a bright, vibrant green, piercing even from 100 yards.

A thread between them pulls taut, and the woman turns away, falling into step with a taller woman that Kara guesses is her handmaid and slipping into the moving crowd.

Suddenly desperate for this not to be their only interaction, Kara is spurring her horse forward before she can lose sight of her.

“Excuse me, milady?”

She’s dutifully ignored, although the small, knowing smile on the woman’s face tells Kara that she’s at least been heard. She trots the horse closer, coming up on the woman’s left, and the handmaid looks over with an expression that says this is not out of the ordinary. She whispers something in the lady’s ear, and she’s waved off with an eye-roll.

It settles Kara’s mania, the knowledge that this poor woman probably gets propositioned more often than not; so she eases back a little, accepting that if she’s rejected, she needs to move on.

But she needs to try at least once. Even if there’s no chance of it going anywhere, given Kara’s lack of both nobility and male parts.

“I understand why you won’t speak to me, even if I wish it weren’t the case,” She says, and for the first time since they arrived she allows her voice to ease back into its natural higher and more feminine register. Even, and nonthreatening. As honest as she can manage, in the circumstances.

The woman actually seems to falter at that, the surprise showing on her face, but still refuses to look over even as she finally speaks.

“I’m surprised you ask. My sex are marked by their silence.”

The woman’s voice is low and rich and smooth, like that dark liquor Alex once had her try at a tavern in Lyon. It burned on the way down in the best way, and afterwards made her feel tingly.

And, it wasn’t a rejection.

Hope sparks in Kara’s chest. She knows well what’s expected of women, and she’s spent her life being told she’s wrong for not fitting into it. The last thing she wants is to put that onto another person. She’s just so fascinated by this person, so interested that she burns with it.

“Oh, I would hear you speak if it cost me my ears,” Kara replies, not bothering to keep the breathy earnestness out of her voice. The woman scoffs, sharing an amused look with her maid.

“That’s good – I have no interest in silence in my life. However, I also have no interest in the companionship of knights.”

Kara smiles. The woman is fiery in a way that makes her even more intriguing, and while she knows following her through the streets is untoward in a major way, she can’t seem to stomach the idea of not speaking to her.

“I am no ordinary knight.”

The woman only smiles at that, the same small, enigmatic smile she’s sported for most of the conversation. “A sentiment I hear from most men.”

“What’s your name?” Kara asks. The woman still refuses to turn and acknowledge her, speaking as if to someone ahead rather than to Kara, who lags behind.

“What does it matter, if I aim never to see you again?”

The woman’s handmaiden hides a grin in her hand, and Kara chuckles, sensing that they’re both enjoying having someone intelligent enough to verbally spar with, rather than the run-of-the-mill masculine thickheads these tourneys usually attract.

“If you aim never to see me again, why not take pity and give it to me?”

The woman smiles again, genuine this time if brief and quickly hidden, and Kara would give up a thousand victories in the joust to make it happen again. She follows the two of them under an arch, hardly caring of their surroundings as her horse’s hooves start to clack on stone instead of dirt. When she finally stops and turns towards Kara, her gaze is a blend of suspicious and appraising. She looks Kara over from head to toe, something in her gaze makes Kara feel as if this woman has some kind of magic power to see past her disguise – as if those green eyes can see who she truly is, behind the clumsy veneer.

Before she has a chance to confirm or deny the theory, they’re interrupted by a loud, booming shout.

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  • Fandom: SuperCorp (Supergirl)
  • Length: 71372
  • Author: Jazzfordshire
  • Rating: E

Rating Guide:  G= General, T = Teen and up, M=Mature, E = explicit

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