Diving Into Her by Alyson RootDiving Into Her by Alyson Root is a sweet contemporary romance about finding love when you least expect it.

Kim Richmond is a sassy blond bombshell whose love of killer heels and vintage dresses is unparalleled. She’s on the verge of losing her mind after her long-term boyfriend cancels another holiday. She readily accepts a two-week trip to the south of France from her best friend. The beautiful Sapphire Hotel with its glamorous decor, beautiful views, and luxury spa is exactly what she needs. That is until it all comes tumbling down.

Hélène Dubois feels the universe is against her after she’s dumped yet again. A holiday with sun, sea, SCUBA, and absolutely NO women is exactly what she needs to clear away the blues. A trip to Saint Tropez with relaxation and no drama should do the trick. What could possibly go wrong?  Seeing Kim Richmond sobbing in the hotel lobby would be one clue and offering to share her hotel suite with the gorgeous blond would be the second.


Alyson Root quickly snagged my attention with Diving Into Her. Her main characters, Kim and Hélène are well-developed with strengths and struggles. I enjoyed the story being told from both of their points of view. I appreciated being able to be privy to their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This also increased my connection with them. The descriptions of the scenery while they traveled through the Mediterranean on a superyacht are vivid and I could easily smell the salt air and feel the cool breezes on my skin.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Kim and Hélène, only know one another peripherally, until Kim is stranded in the luxury hotel that Hélène happens to be checking into at the same time. Helene quickly offers the spare bedroom in her penthouse suite to Kim which Kim readily agrees to. I loved how easily they slid into a flirtatious friendship; laughing and drinking while sharing personal details.

Kim’s coming out of a long-term relationship, yet can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is truly wrong with her ex. She’s spent much of her life putting, Greg first, and now free from those constraints is forced to take stock of her life. As she does, she realizes there are things she gave up and wonders what her next steps should be. Her quick jump from the relationship with Greg to Helene was seamless and I appreciate Alyson Root having this be a part of their conversations. I feel this acknowledgment helped the romance to be more believable.

Hélène’s mother has always treated her poorly, belittling her and crushing her fragile self-esteem at every turn. Her brother is a billionaire entrepreneur who is a household name. She’s consistently left by her previous partners. All of these things combine to leave her feelings less than and overshadowed. In Kim’s company, she comes alive, almost glowing. Kim’s fiery personality keeps Hélène on her toes and forces her to confront her issues.

I love Kim and Hélène together! They complement and challenge one another perfectly. The honesty in their discussions shows the depth of each woman’s character. Their chemistry is off the charts and the steamy scenes are, well…deliciously steamy!

Heads Up

Diving Into Her is the second book in Alyson Root’s The French Connection Series which can be read as a standalone but I’d recommend reading the other two books!

The story also deals with the topic of addiction.

The Conclusion

Diving Into Her is a lovely sapphic romance that will leave readers wishing they could journey on a super yacht for three weeks! The scenery is gorgeous as is the relationship development between Kim and Hélène. There’s sun, surf, cocktails, and diving all wrapped in a delightful package with delicious chemistry and steamy scenes. The beautiful scenery, deep conversations, and character growth make this a delightful read.

Excerpt from Diving Into Her by Alyson Root

Hélène strode into the lobby. Thomas was at the desk as usual, but this time he looked a little ashen-faced. It was only then that she heard someone sniffing behind her she understood something was wrong. It was the kind of sniffing someone did when they were trying to keep themselves from crying.

Following Thomas’s gaze over to the white couches, Hélène saw a familiar face. It was a face that was pretty unforgettable. Hélène’s brow creased as she looked at Kim, attempting to keep herself together.

Something was seriously wrong. There was no way she could walk away and start her holiday when someone she knew was in distress. Hélène gave Thomas a little smile and walked over to Kim. She didn’t want to frighten her, so she gently lay her hand on Kim’s shoulder. “Kim?”

Hélène’s breath hitched when Kim looked up into her eyes. Kim was a blonde bombshell. Her eyes were the colour of the Mediterranean sea, crystal clear and shining, but they were shining with unshed tears. Whatever was happening, Hélène knew her holiday was about to change drastically.

“Hélène, what are you doing here?” Kim spluttered.

“I’m staying here for a week on holiday. I presume you’re doing the same?” “

I was,” Kim cried, tears falling down her face.

“Hey, no crying. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I was supposed to be staying in Anna’s room. She and Sam are still in the US, so they gave me the reservation. I got here and the intern who was supposed to amend the booking cancelled it instead of changing it.” Kim hiccupped. Hélène began rubbing soothing circles on Kim’s back, desperately trying to get her to calm down. “All the other rooms are booked and I can’t afford any other hotel in the area,” Kim stuttered. “I’ve got nowhere to go and I can’t go home yet. I needed this holiday so much.”

Hélène could certainly understand that. What could she do, though? It seemed her mouth had the answer because before she registered what was happening, she’d invited Kim to stay in the suite with her.

“I can’t do that,” Kim protested.

“Why not? I’ve got a penthouse suite with three bedrooms and it’s only me in it. You need a room, so stay in one of the spares, no big deal.” Clearly, it was a big deal because Kim started crying even harder. Hélène didn’t know what to do. She was usually excellent in a crisis and at comforting people, but she was really struggling with Kim.

“Thank you, Hélène, thank you so much. You don’t know what this means.” Hélène was almost knocked off the sofa when Kim launched herself into her body, hugging her hard.

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