Shay's Gamble by Amber PerezShay’s Gamble by Amber Perez is an angsty, age gap romance that gives meaning to what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Despite being in Sin City to celebrate her best friend’s upcoming wedding, Shay is not in a partying mood due to the fact that her twenty-year marriage is ending. When she locks eyes with a beautiful stranger during a Magic Mike show, Shay’s instantly consumed with thoughts of the gorgeous stranger. As the two become closer, Shay struggles with beliefs from her upbringing along with her fears of failure.

Forensic science student Allie has been the parent to her younger sister Lexi since birth. She continuously struggles to provide for both of them and when she is swept off her feet by wealthy and handsome, Jackson Pemberton IV, she feels she’s hit the big time. In Vegas to celebrate her impending nuptials, Allie begins to wonder if wealth and prestige are all it’s cracked up to be.

When the two bridal parties hit it off and begin spending a lot of time together, sparks fly, and Shay and Allie must decide whether their circumstances are more than a Vegas fling.

Can these two women venture into the unknown to overcome responsibilities and distance or will what happens in Vegas truly stay in Vegas?


Amber Perez did an excellent job researching the highlights of Vegas and with every event the bachelorette parties attended, I felt like I was right there with them. From the intense connection across the room at the Magic Mike show to the copious amounts of clubs and bars to the delightful day that Shay and Allie spent together, every element is perfectly described. Living vicariously through them, I did feel like my liver needed quite the detox after reading this tale! Also, as  Allie and Shay became closer and each began catching feelings, I found myself highlighting so many sentences and paragraphs that I can go back and read at a time when I need a lovely shot of swoon-worthy romance.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

What I enjoy most about this book is the chemistry and connection between Allie and Shay from the first moment. It is blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes how drawn to one another they are and it’s due to that chemistry that Shay is finally able to admit to herself and her friends that she is, in fact, a lesbian. Her coming out isn’t easy as her upbringing taught her it’s wrong but she realizes that the way Allie makes her feel isn’t wrong but totally right. The way her emotions are conveyed when she shares that piece of herself with her best friend Jus is so powerful.

Shay is married, Allie is engaged, and they live on different continents. These obstacles cause a lot of push-pull angst but it works for this story because their circumstances are not easy to overcome and there needed to be a lot of conversations with deep communication.

Both groups of friends are a lot of fun and add a lot to the overall story. Shay’s relationship with Jus and Allie’s relationship with her sister Lexi are really special. These relationships gave each woman support and sounding boards as they navigate their growing feelings for one another throughout the week.

This book was a real page-turner for me because I love Shay and Allie so much and I needed to know how their story was going to play out!

Heads Up

Our author bravely crafted this story around cheating, normally I shy away from books of this nature, however, due to the fact that Shay’s husband is a confirmed cheater and their marriage is essentially over and Allie’s fiancé Jackson is a total tool, I found myself able to overlook the infidelities. With that being said, the theme of cheating may be off-putting to some readers.

The Conclusion

Who knew a bachelorette week in Vegas could lead to happily ever after? Shay’s Gamble by Amber Perez is an angsty yet adorable journey spanning a whirlwind week in Vegas. There’s dancing, drama, drinks, and devotion throughout this fun and flirty romance. If you’re looking for an emotional romance with a lot of laughs, chemistry, steam, and friendship then grab a copy and settle in for an enjoyable ride!

Excerpt from Shay’s Gamble by Amber Perez

The curious thing was, while the woman seemed to be having a grand time with her friends, cheering, laughing, and smiling, closer inspection made Allie think it might all be an act. Her smile doesn’t quite seem to reach her eyes as she’s scanning the crowd.

Wonder what has stolen her joy away? It’s bonkers, but I think I’d give about anything to have her look at me.

As if Fate heard her plea, the blonde’s eyes came to rest on Allie. Their eyes locked, and Allie felt her world tilt. In that moment, the roar of the crowd faded away, and there was only Allie and this mystery woman. A genuine smile stole across her face for the first time in a long time. The other woman smiled in return, and Allie’s heart gave a leap when she realized the smile lit up the woman’s eyes as well.

The world seemed to stop as Allie studied every inch of the face across from her, but the moment was cut short when the woman dug into her pocket for her phone. Her eyes darkened; the smile faded, and her body language changed.

Allie would give anything to see that smile turned on her again. The blonde leaned into her friend and whispered something as she stood. She glanced Allie’s way and, with tears in her eyes, rushed from the room.

Allie was torn. Never in her life had she experienced the rush of feelings she had while gazing at a stranger. Then, to have her run from the room in distress wreaked havoc with Allie’s emotions. Part of her wanted to jump up and run to her, while a sensible voice in her head told her she didn’t know the woman and couldn’t leave her own hen party.

Allie glanced at her mates engrossed in the show. The bridal party on the opposite side of the stage appeared to be having a great time, unaware of the distress their friend was in. She battled in her mind, arguing the pros and cons of going or staying. What was the right thing to do?

After a few minutes, seeing no one in the other group followed their friend, she decided. She leaned into Lexi to ensure she’d be heard over the music. “Hey, love, enjoy the show. Just running to the loo.”

Allie took a deep breath and followed the captivating stranger.

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