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New York City, 1899. A city on the cusp of a new century. A city growing taller, faster, a city of new inventions, new ideas—and old dangers on its shadowy streets where crime, misery, and murder lurk.

When Pauline Godfrey, a young woman embodying the coming modern age, is viciously murdered, her throat cut, private inquiry agents Finola “Fin” Donner and Devorah Longstreet must navigate a world of violence and passion, lust and betrayal, where duty is twisted into bitter obedience and love is soiled.

Fin, a tough survivor of the dockside slums, and her beloved companion, the elegant, intellectual socialite Devorah, probe deep into the festering secrets of a family, the rot and corruption of the police department, and the sinister world of the city’s thieves, whores, and thugs to find the killer.


Title: A Crime of Secrets

Author: Ann Aptaker

Release date: 4 July 2023

Publisher: Bywater Books

Genre and Tropes: Historical Mystery; Crime Fiction; Romantic Mystery

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Fin Donner and Devorah Longstreet—Lovers. Investigators. Women ahead of their time.

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