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At eighteen, Hailey’s life has been a turbulent journey through foster care, leaving her hesitant to trust anyone. But when a new family opens their hearts and home to her, offering a fresh start, she can’t help but hope for a better future.

Upon moving in, Hailey is immediately captivated by Sasha, the family’s enigmatic daughter. Sasha, too, feels a magnetic pull toward Hailey, yet their connection is far from straightforward. Battling her own inner demons, Sasha’s struggles hit closer to home than Hailey could ever have imagined.

As their bond deepens, Hailey begins to uncover unsettling secrets hidden beneath the veneer of their seemingly idyllic home.

Together they navigate the labyrinth of their pasts, but one question lingers: Can their love endure the weight of the secrets they both hold?


Title: Reclaiming Tomorrow

Author: Jade Winters

Release date: 5 September 2023

Publisher: Wicked Winters Books

Genre and Tropes: Love at first sight, Coming out, First Love

Available on KU: Yes


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Can love survive buried secrets?


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