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Beryl Jenkinson is a young dreamer determined to break free. Though bound to her family’s garage, her heart dreams of taking flight with Attagirls, the brave women piloting planes across the nation to play a vital role in the war effort.

Odette de Lavigne embodies the allure of a World War Two pin-up girl: glamorous, seductive, and a masterful pilot. But beneath her carefree demeanour lies a poignant secret.

Their destinies collide when Odette literally crashes into Beryl’s life, sparking a blaze of passion and an enduring infatuation. Fate reunites them at the ATA, but can love conquer the clash between duty and enchanting desire?


Title: Virgin Flight

Author: E.V.Bancroft

Release date: 1 December 2023

Publisher: Butterworth Books (Indie Author)

Genre and Tropes: Small town; friends to lovers; slow burn, love at first sight, military romance

Available on KU: Yes


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Can love triumph in the battle between duty and desire?


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