A Bit of Murder Between Friends by Elliott Hay: Listing

Cupcakes are sweet … but vengeance is sweeter.

Every day, Baz, Peggy, Carole, and Madge get together to knit, drink tea, and dole out death to keep the streets of south-east London safe.

When the ladies get wind of a recent string of attacks on young women, it’s clear a brazen predator is stalking their local community. So far, nothing has been done to stop this scoundrel – and with police downplaying reports of the violence, London’s women are walking around unawares.

So Baz and her friends decide to take matters into their own wrinkled – but very capable – hands. These grannies will do anything it takes to protect their community.

Including murder.

A Bit of Murder Between Friends is cosy(ish), noir(ish), humorous crime fiction that will delight fans of Killers of a Certain Age and An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good. With colourful characters, queer themes, amateur female sleuths, and no shortage of twists and turns, the first book in the Vigilauntie Justice series is guaranteed to leave you itching for more.


Title: A Bit of Murder Between Friends

Author: Elliott Hay 

Release date: 11 July 2023

Publisher: White Hart Fiction

Genre and Tropes: mystery, amateur sleuths, cosy-ish, noir-ish, little old ladies in love, killer grannies, vigilante justice, revenge, serial killers

Series: Vigilauntie Justice


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Cupcakes are sweet … but vengeance is sweeter.

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