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For as long as Lydia Archer can remember, her life has been a balancing act between a tireless battle with her health and the tireless search for “the one.” She’s put herself out there time and again, yet still, has found nobody prepared for the rollercoaster of her mystery ailment. Persistent pain and dismissive doctors are Lydia’s constant shadow. Just as Lydia begins to think that her beloved pup Monty is the only one who can handle her brokenness, her sister’s best friend, Halle, steps in to save her health and quite possibly, her heart.

Just as Lydia is on the mend, the unexpected arrival of love threatens to throw everything off balance. And  to top it off, as a friendship blossoms between Lydia and Halle, Lydia’s sister Fe finds herself grappling with her own whirlwind of emotions. Throw in the delightful chaos of Lydia’s “niblings,” Fe’s mischievous triplets, and this sapphic romance weaves a tale of healing and love, reminding us that sometimes both can be found in the most unexpected places.

Lydia’s journey is one of resilience, family, self-discovery, and the promise that true love accepts us for the whole—broken parts included—because love has a way of piecing things back together.


Title: Broken Parts Included

Author: Alyson Root

Release date: 5 March 2024

Publisher: Indie Author

Genre and Tropes: Friends to lovers, City, Medical, Pan, Lesbian, Femme/Femme

Available on KU: Yes


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Can love piece Lydia back together? Broken Parts Included?

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