Warn Me When It’s Time by Cheryl A. HeadWarn Me When It’s Time by Cheryl A. Head is the sixth book in the Charlie Mack Motown Mystery Series.

A notorious hate group that operates in Oakland County, Michigan is responsible for arson attacks, vandalism and robberies at several mosques, temples and black churches around Detroit. For six months in a row, this well-organized and tech savvy hate group has successfully eluded the police and federal agencies. The most recent arson attack occurs at a mosque in Dearborn and a respected imam dies as a result of it. His children don’t trust law enforcement agencies because Muslims are often mistreated by the officers who are supposed to protect and serve them. So, they decided to hire Charlie Mack and her team of investigators to find the people who are responsible for their father’s tragic demise.

The Mack investigators are eager to solve this case and they leave no stone unturned as they search for clues, but they are shaken to the core when they realize that the clues they’ve found have led them to a widespread conspiracy that involves several high-profile elected state officials.

Will FBI agent, James Saleh and the Mack investigators be able to bring down a radical hate group before they start a race war in America?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Cheryl Head continues to blow my mind with each new instalment in this captivating series. Charlie Mack and her badass team of investigators are working with the FBI to solve a mosque bombing and a murder. They also want to stop hate groups from targeting religious places of worship and people of color. I’m a seasoned armchair detective but I still got caught up in my feelings when Charlie Mack and her team tried their best to keep their families safe while they dodged deadly attacks from a hate group. I love the fact that this story was told through Charlie, Don and one of the perpetrator’s points of view because I had unrestricted access to their deepest thoughts and emotions and the unique circumstances that had shaped their lives. This author definitely owes me a good night’s rest and a riveting sequel to this story!

Cons And Heads Up

This story contains graphic descriptions of physical assault, murder, the creation and use of weapons of mass destruction, xenophobia, Islamophobia and racism.

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksI’m always in the mood to devour an action-packed mystery with heart-tugging moments and this story definitely fits that bill. When I was reading this awesome story I didn’t want to put my kindle down even when my eyes were protesting and my bed was calling my name. So fellow book lovers… clear your schedules, get your favorite snacks and cuddle up in a cozy reading nook because you’ll get completely sucked into Charlie Mack’s world when you get past the first page.

Excerpt from Warn Me When It’s Time by Cheryl A. Head

“Good afternoon, Ms. Mack. I don’t know if you’ll remember me. This is Kamal Pashia. I met you when you were a teacher at the ACCESS center.”

Charlie hesitated. It had been six years since she spent time in Dearborn’s Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services. First as a volunteer, and later as an undercover agent with the Department of Homeland Security. She didn’t remember Kamal but that wasn’t unusual. She’d taught three self-defense classes each week for almost six months, which meant eighty to a hundred kids.

“I was the short kid who always wore the green Converse sneakers.”

“Sure. How are you doing now, Kamal?”

“Not so good really, Ms. Mack. I have my sister on the phone and we want to hire you as a private investigator.”

“Oh?” Charlie gestured for Judy to take notes. “What kind of investigation do you need?”

Muffled voices came through the speakerphone. The rapid exchange sounded like a disagreement. There was an insistent voice followed by the noise of the phone being shuffled. Charlie and Judy glanced at each other, then stared at the phone. They waited.

“Uh, this is Amina Pashia Akbar. I’m Kamal’s older sister,” the clear voice said. “Did you read about the bombing of the Central Mosque last month?”

Charlie paused to remember. There had been a half-dozen newspaper reports of church, temple, and mosque vandalism in the Detroit metropolitan area in the last three months. A series of crimes that had strained the resources of law enforcement and prompted the formation of a multi-jurisdictional task force. Most of the incidents had caused property damage, but one event, a fire inside a mosque, had resulted in a man’s death.

“Yes. If I remember correctly, a man was killed,” Charlie said. “A teacher.”

“That was our father.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Charlie said looking at Judy. “My condolences.”

“Thank you. As my brother said, we need your help. We want you to find my father’s murderer.”

“The police are already focusing on that, aren’t they?”

“Yes, but there’s been no progress in almost a month. That’s why we’re calling you.”

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