Warming Trend by Karin KallmakerWarming Trend by Karin Kallmaker is a gorgeous second chance romance. You should go read it right now. Still not convinced? Then let me tell you what it’s about:

Anidyr (Ani) Bycall is barely living. She is working in an ice bar in Key West that is as close to home as she can get. Her heart belongs in Alaska, where she can dance on a glacier with the woman she left behind when she ran away from a mistake that cost her everything.

Eve’s dream of becoming a restaurant owner is finally realized and she should be happy, right? Except that she finds herself remembering the tall, dark-haired woman who ate her food with relish, loved her with abandon and left her dog in Eve’s care when she ran from her life in Alaska.

It takes a human force of nature in the form of a blond surfer named Lisa to pull Ani out of her self-imposed hibernation. Before Ani can change her mind she and Lisa are on their way back to the icy landscape that has never left Ani’s heart.

Can Ani find the redemption she needs? Will Eve be able to look beyond the last three years of abandonment? And will Lisa’s fresh outlook on the past help everyone to see that things were not actually what they seemed?

This Book Is Brilliant

Kallmaker wrote an exciting and memorable cast of characters, including the most adorable dog, and food that may as well have been part of the cast, because it was so deliciously memorable.

The scene was described so well that there were moments when I felt like I could reach out and touch the ice.

The writing was excellently paced, the reincorporation of themes and moments was genius and it left me feeling entirely satisfied.


The chemistry between the characters was so well done that it is worth a mention as an entire section in this review. Here’s an example of one such moment:

“Eve crossed her legs and the sun glinting on those really cute sandals temporarily derailed Ani’s train of thought.”

And another:

“Eve sighed. Ani realized she loved the way Eve looked up at her through her lashes, manipulatively feminine but patently obvious about it.”

And another:

“And I thought I’d have to break out my killer lemon bars to impress you.”

“You have killer lemon bars in that basket? Ani made a show of peering but eve slammed the lid shut.”

“Maybe. If you behave.”

Not sure where she got the boldness from, Ani asked, “Are you sure you want me to behave?”

Eve didn’t exactly blush, but her cheeks took on a hint of pink. “I’m not sure.” This time she did say, “Yet.”

sheena's favouriteConclusion

This is a beautiful romance, a story of two people who are so destined to be together that no matter how big the gulf between them they can find a way to overcome it. It is also a little bit of a mystery as we unwrap the layers of what drove Ani away from everything and everyone she loved.

Add to that the cutest side romance, gorgeous writing and you have an absolute must-read. This is Kallmaker at her best – and it will show you exactly why she is the queen of lesbian romance.

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Excerpt from Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker

Ani’s contortions were comic and Eve truly hoped she didn’t look that clumsy. As soon as her thigh muscles cooperated she turned her own gyrations into a bona fide Twist, the only dance she knew. Ani caught on right away and they moved closer together.

“Come on, baby,” Ani sang in a soft, clear tone, “and go like this.” She held out her hand and Eve didn’t hesitate, twirling in close, then spinning back to where she’d started.

This is crazy, she thought, dancing on a glacier at three o’clock in the morning. Crazy and alive. All work, no play, had made Eve a dull girl.

Tonk’s hard nudge into Eve’s hip brought her back to the present and she sighed and scratched behind his ears.

She petted the furry head and looked north at the boiling green and gold lights. The pink had already faded for the night. Nature’s fireworks would be over in just a few more hours and she wasn’t going to linger any longer, reluctantly realizing, once again, that since Ani had left she’d gone back to dull girl Eve. She knew how to laugh, she knew how to have fun. Life was a good table wine, basic and reliable. She allowed a brief relapse into bitterness. Thanks to Ani, she knew that wasn’t all there could be.

She brushed her teeth and slipped into an old T-shirt and equally soft sleep pants. New restaurant, old business finally closed…it was time to live again. She snuggled into bed with the familiar sound of Tonk similarly settling down. When she closed her eyes the northern lights played across her mental sky, and in the distance she could still hear music, and part of her was still dancing, round and round.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781594931468
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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