Up On The Roof by AL BrooksUp On The Roof by AL Brooks is a story about moving out of your comfort zone, learning to embrace uncertainty and taking a chance on love despite your fears.

Lena is an avid reader and book collector who prefers her predictable daily routine of cleaning, going to work and enjoying the peace and quiet in the sanctuary of her home. When Megan moves into the flat beneath hers, it seems as though Murphy’s law has taken over—anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

A winter storm puts Lena in a predicament. She needs a place to stay until the repairs to her home are completed. Megan goes out of her way and offers Lena a room in her flat. Despite their clashing personalities they can make this temporary situation work, right?

The more time they spend together, the stronger their attraction grows. Can Lena and Megan learn to accept each other’s differences and bizarre habits? Will their personality traits thwart any chance of them exploring the budding desire between them?

The Characters

Lena Shah is an accountant who just loves the routine and order she has laid out for her life. Once nothing disturbs her schedule, all will be well in her world. I feel like wrapping my arms around Lena, she is a very sensitive, reserved and caring person. My heart really goes out to her because she endured a lot of hardship in her life and that made her so cautious in her dealings with people.

Megan Palmer is a fitness trainer who just loves to party and she enjoys the company of her family and friends. I really adore this kind-hearted, affable and fun-loving woman! Even though she has the ability to trip over her own feet at any given moment, she has a huge heart of gold and she is always willing to help anyone she cares about.

The Writing Style

I enjoyed the light humor and the effortless dialogue that flowed between the main and secondary characters. I really loved the way the author gave me such a vivid description of all the characters, I felt as though I had a crystal-clear snapshot of each character in my mind.

The Pros

There’s an accountant in this story! I know it may seem terribly biased of me but I just can’t help myself whenever I read a story with an accountant in it—I just have to fangirl over these awesome women! There’s also a fitness trainer in here as well! I got to drool over the delightful descriptions of this butch goddess!

The Cons

Why do I do this to myself? I always get attached to these wonderful characters and then I have to say goodbye to them when the story ends. This story should have a sequel!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Now this is a story that will have you snorting and laughing out loud wherever you are reading this book. I just love Lena, Megan and the other quirky characters in this story! There are so many things I love about this delightful book. I enjoyed the cultural diversity, the warm, welcoming and homey descriptions of the apartment complex and I loved the nuggets of life lessons that were placed throughout the story. If you enjoy a romantic comedy with a book lover, loud music and a tumble or two, then this story is definitely for you!

Excerpt from Up On The Roof by AL Brooks

Lena stared at the door for a moment, words refusing to form in her brain despite the anger that was churning in her stomach. She lifted her gaze to meet that of the woman nearest her. She was tall and solid-looking—a big-boned girl, as Dorothy from the ground floor flat would say. She had blonde hair tied up in a long ponytail and pale, almost translucent skin. Her extraordinary blue eyes were wide with fear. She was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, the shirt covered in swirls of colour in geometric designs that Lena was sure would give her a headache if she looked at it for more than a few moments. Holding the jeans up was a studded belt that was clearly the offender responsible for the damage to the door.

Lena’s gaze dropped momentarily to the belt then back up again.

“I’m so sorry,” the blonde whispered. “I got pressed against the door, and when I tried to sort of slide away from it—”

Lena held up a hand.

“We’ll pay for it!” the woman said quickly, and looked at her companion, who was nodding vigorously.

This one was equally as tall as her partner in crime, but skinny, with short-cropped hair and deep brown skin, a few shades darker than Lena’s own. She was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, and they highlighted the trim body and almost flat chest, which Lena only noticed because of the words “You’re next” emblazoned across the front of the T-shirt.

Exhaling slowly, Lena brought her gaze back to meet the blonde woman’s eyes.

“Yes you will.” Lena’s voice was clipped, each word snapped out with precision.

“Sorry,” the blonde said. “Not the best way to be introduced, but—” she twisted around, balanced the sofa on one thigh, and stuck out a hand “—I’m Megan, your new neighbour. And this is Jen.”

Lena swallowed. She didn’t like to touch people, strangers. You never knew where their hands had been. Inwardly grimacing, because she knew shaking hands was the polite thing to do, she quickly clasped Megan’s warm hand and shook it for a few seconds. The handshake was firm, and Lena only just avoided blushing at the sight of well-formed biceps in Megan’s arm that flexed with each movement of their joined hands.

“Lena,” she said, averting her gaze from Megan’s mesmerizing eyes.

“And I promise I’ll pay for that to be fixed. It’s not much damage so it shouldn’t be too difficult to sort out.” Megan gestured at Lena’s front door as their hands parted.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9783955339890
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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