Lovebirds by Lisa MoreauLovebirds by Lisa Moreau is a totally adorable romance that I had a hard time putting down.

Emily Wellington’s life is mostly okay. She and her girlfriend, Gretchen, are perfect on paper. So what if there’s no spark there? Stable and comfortable is more Emily’s speed anyway. If only Emily hadn’t told Gretchen and her family that she’d go back to her old career in marketing if she couldn’t make a go of her birding magazine within two years. Time is almost up and The Tweet is the only thing she feels passionate about.

Sydney Cooper knows that if she can land a job as a pole dancing instructor at an exclusive Beverly Hills studio, she’ll have made it. The crappy waitressing and other odd jobs are just stopgaps until she can get in there. She can’t afford to get let go from yet another job, though, and unfortunately that’s exactly what happens when she’s accused of screwing up Gretchen’s proposal to Emily over a bowl of mushroom soup.

Despite the mishap, Emily is engaged by the time their meal is over. And while she might not be head over heels about it, she knows it’s the next logical step in their relationship. When she gets a call about a rare Madagascar lovebird sighting in the small town of Ojai, her heart skips a beat for the first time in months because she knows the tiny birds just might be the ticket to saving The Tweet. If only she knew what to do when she finds Sydney already staying in the cabin she’s rented.

Neither woman wants the other there, but Emily and Sydney aren’t budging. With a beginning like this, could they really mate for life? (Get it? *nudge**nudge*)

The Characters

I love Emily and Sydney’s antagonistic start. It makes for a very fun enemies-to-lovers scenario without there being much actual venom between them.

Both women have significant character arcs as they evaluate their priorities, especially what they want out of life and love, and I enjoyed seeing how they grew both separately and together.

There are also a couple of side characters that I totally loved in Ojai. They were quirky and adorable, adding some fun flavour to the setting.

The Writing Style

This is a very gentle, lovely story. It was super easy to sink into and made for perfect escapism at the end of a couple of long work days.

The Pros

Everything worked for me!

The Cons

Some people won’t love that Emily is with Gretchen when she starts falling for Sydney. She doesn’t sleep with Sydney while she’s still engaged, but I know that’s a no-go for a lot of readers, so your mileage may vary on whether you’re okay with it.

The Conclusion

I thoroughly enjoyed Lovebirds. Lisa Moreau’s getting stronger from book to book, so I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Excerpt from Lovebirds by Lisa Moreau

“Still here, I see,” Sydney said.

“I’m not going anywhere. I emailed Jill.”

“Where’s your fiancée?”

Sydney walked to the window and peered outside. She spotted a white truck, with someone sitting in the driver’s seat, parked across the street. It was the same vehicle she’d seen when she first arrived, at least five hours ago. Who would sit in their car for that long?

“Gretchen? She’s not with me.”

Sydney turned and faced Emily. “She doesn’t care if you shack up with another woman? Especially the one who so-called ruined the most important moment of her life?”

Emily opened her mouth but then snapped it shut, big brown eyes filled with fear. Sydney had her now. This little arrangement would never fly.

“Why don’t you just drive into town and rent a nice little bed-and-breakfast?” Sydney asked.

Emily threw her shoulders back and straightened her posture. “First, I’m not leaving when I’ve already paid for the cabin, and second, there aren’t any hotels available. Not with the women’s festival going on.”

Damn. Sydney hadn’t thought about that. Still, though, she needed privacy to prepare for the audition. Emily had to go.

Sydney grinned and rubbed her palms together. “Great. Hope you don’t mind sharing a bed.”

Emily’s eyes jumped to the ceiling. “How many rooms are up there?”

“A bedroom, a bathroom, and an office.” Sydney winked and leered at Emily seductively.

“I’m not falling for your scare tactics,” Emily said but took a shaky step backward. “I have an errand to run, and when I come back I expect you to be gone.” She grabbed her bag and was out the door.

Heat flooded Sydney’s cheeks. No one was going to tell her what to do.

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