Under The Harvest Moon by Robin HaleUnder the Harvest Moon by Robin Hale is a paranormal/supernatural romance.

Laurel Pearson moves to Cincinnati to find something she feels is missing in her life – belonging. When she literally bumps into gorgeous butch gardener , Rhea, she is intrigued. Her new job in a very unusual bookstore gives her more things to wonder about and Rhea seems to be tied in to that. There are things Laurel has never quite understood about herself, and the strange things that happen with those around her certainly give her cause to think.  Could there be magic in the air – and what does it have to do with her? Rhea seems determined to keep her at arms-length, but she knows she has to pursue the woman. She just doesn’t know why just yet. And when she finds out what is really going on, it blows her mind.

The Characters

Laurel is one of those people who brightens up anyone’s day. She is upbeat, thoughtful and caring. Oh, and did I mention rather beautiful too? I loved her enthusiasm and joy for life. Seeing the story unfold through her eyes was like experiencing the wonder for myself. She also had a strength that she wasn’t afraid to show when needed.

Rhea came across as prickly and the last person Laurel would want to spend time with. But there was something about her that was irresistible. She obviously had her reasons for being so anti-social. Laurel could see that, but Rhea wasn’t going to make it easy for her. I wanted to find out why she was such a loner. And like Laurel I found myself drawn to her. Of course, being a hunky butch in a cut-off t-shirt didn’t hurt!

The Writing Style

The story is told in first person, each chapter alternating between the two main characters. And that worked really well for me. It allowed the story to unfold at a good pace, dropping in tidbits of information from each point of view gradually. The tension was palpable and well placed in the narrative. We always knew exactly how the main characters were feeling and how their actions were affecting the other.

The Pros

I enjoyed being let in on the secrets as Laurel was finding them out. The mystery of Laurel’s new life and how it tied in with the past was well told. The romantic element was very emotional and if two people deserved to be together it was Laurel and Rhea. The intensity of the relationship really appealed to me. 

The Cons

There was one suspenseful, violent scene. I didn’t find it a problem as it was important to the story.

The Conclusion

Under the Harvest Moon is well written and a good mix of romance, mystery and magic. I found the supernatural element exciting and couldn’t wait to find out more. Knowing that there is a secret world hidden right under the noses of the townsfolk is always a great idea for a story. And the romance really worked for me. Meeting the one you are destined to be with is always going to have me hooked.

Excerpt from Under the Harvest Moon by Robin Hale

The world fell away. The music and laughter, the claws against trees and ambient hum of magic in the air disappeared beneath the weight of my connection with Rhea. I could feel her through the way our power flowed together. The golden hum of my own magic drifted forward, forward in a rush to abandon me for the much-greener pastures that were Rhea Barnes. Traitorous magic. Not that I could blame it. She felt so inviting, so comforting on the other end of the connection that if I could have found a way to abandon my own skin and crawl into hers, I would’ve done it without a second thought.

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