Those Who Wait by Haley CassThose Who Wait by Haley Cass is a debut contemporary romance novel centered around US politics, coming out, and deciding what we want out of life. Spencer Sutton, the daughter of a congressman, and Charlotte Thompson, New York City’s youngest deputy mayor, meet on SapphicSpark, a women-seeking-women dating app. Sutton’s dipping her toes into her bisexuality for the first time, and Charlotte is about to delete her profile and close the door on hookups for the time being, set to focus on running in an upcoming special election.

Sutton isn’t built for casual, and Charlotte needs to keep a low profile as the race heats up. In spite of that, a friendship blossoms as Charlotte helps Sutton navigate the dating world. But with the chemistry between them, it’s only a matter of time before something has to give.

The Characters

I wanted to both be these characters and be with them. Sutton is charmingly awkward and nervous, but willing to put her heart on the line and ask for what she wants when it really matters. Charlotte is driven and intentionally charming, and she’s never doubted her place in the world or what she wants from it. Politics is in her blood, and she’s willing to sacrifice almost anything in order to achieve her dreams. Both characters are incredibly likeable, with distinctly different personalities, and their friendship and chemistry lends brilliantly to the evolution of their relationship.

The Writing Style

For a debut novel and coming in at almost 180k words, the book never felt gratuitous. Each scene pulls the plot forward, and masochistically, I wish it were longer. The novel features a large cast of characters, and rather than detract from the central plot, it enhances the experience and creates a rich and vibrant world in which the characters inhabit.

The Pros

Absolutely everything. This is my favorite book I’ve read in 2020 so far. Friends to lovers, high stakes, and wonderfully written sex scenes gave me all the feelings while reading it.

The Cons

Absolutely nothing. I wanted far more than the 629 pages I was given.

The Conclusion

Those Who Wait is a stellar friends to lovers romance that kept me heart-palpitatingly enthralled from start-to-finish. I can’t wait to read what Haley Cass comes up with next.

Excerpt from Those Who Wait by Haley Cass

It was rather eerie, and Sutton brought her hands up, rubbing them slightly up and down her arms.

And then small but strong hands gripped her arm and pulled her into a small alcove, causing Sutton to stumble over her feet. She was pressed against a wall, and panic came swiftly and easily. Ready to scream, she felt fingertips land over her bottom lip, before a becoming-familiar voice whispered, “Shhh.”

“Charlotte?” Her name came out in an unintentional whisper and as she spoke, Charlotte’s fingertips gently brushed over her moving lips.

The feeling made something inside of her spark, the shock it racing through her causing her to pull her head back. Enough that she hit it against the wall, and she grimaced in pain.

“Were you looking for me?” Charlotte’s voice was quiet, both curious and amused. She lowered her hand slowly, rubbing her fingertips with her thumb.

Baffled and still a little dazed, Sutton shook her head slowly, as her eyes adjusted to the relative darkness of the alcove. She hadn’t been this close to Charlotte before. Close enough to smell her perfume – which was something subtle and floral and kind of enchanting – and see that her skin was literally perfect.

Finally, she breathed out, “No, I – I just wanted to get some fresh air.”

Charlotte quirked an eyebrow. “I see. Then I apologize for dragging you in here and scaring a few days off your life,” she added, in a teasing tone that made Sutton flush, and her stomach jump.

“More like a few months, but, um, you don’t have to apologize,” she told her, and slouched back against the wall, her palms brushing down the sides of the skirt of her dress.

That smirk – the same one from her picture on the app, the one she’d given Sutton on the sly at the café – returned to her face. Sutton wondered if Charlotte knew how much power there was in that smirk. “No?”

Oh. Oh boy, she definitely did know. Her heart skipped a beat, “I – I don’t . . .”

Then Charlotte laughed. It was a quiet chuckle and it sounded genuine, as she took a step back from Sutton. She couldn’t feel her body heat anymore, and a breath of relief left Sutton because she could breathe now.

“I’m glad you’re like that in real life. The blushing, and all. But you don’t have to worry, Sutton. I’m not going to jump you.”

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  • ISBN number: 9798631156395
  • Publisher: Indie author

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