One Way Or Another by A.L. BrooksOne Way Or Another by A.L. Brooks is the fourth book in The Window Shopping Collection Series. This romantic story encourages you to take a chance on love and live your life to the fullest with no regrets.

Sarah Connolly is a corporate lawyer who is single as a dollar and she is not looking for any change. Sarah loves the life she lives but she isn’t completely satisfied because she hungers for a deeper connection, something that her one-night, shallow affairs cannot give her.

Bethany Keane is the epitome of shyness. She is a school teacher who has skipped out on romantic interludes for a few years and now she is ready to jump back in to the delights of dating. Bethany wants to be wined and dined by a passionate and sensitive woman.

Who would have thought that Bethany and Sarah would meet up by a sex toy shop in the middle of London? The old adage was right; opposites really do attract. It is lust at first glance but will this unlikely pair be able to overcome their differences and form a lasting connection? Could love be on the horizon for them or will they allow their fears to keep them from the happiness they truly deserve? 

The Characters

Sarah Connolly is a corporate lawyer who shies away from anything to do with relationships. She is a regular customer at a well-known sex toy store in London. At first, I must admit that I vacillated between adoring Sarah and being annoyed with her. I disliked some of her personality quirks because she came off as such an arrogant person. Then, my opinion of her took a complete three hundred and sixty-degree turn-around when I got to know more about her. She is a wonderful, considerate and fun-loving woman who has been hurt and disappointed by the people who once meant the world to her.

Bethany Keane is a primary school teacher and she cherishes the little ones who are under her care. Bethany has dedicated a lot of time to her career and she believes that it is time to get back out into the world of romance.  If I could have reached through my kindle to hug Bethany, I would have because she has to deal with her insecurities, new desires that threaten to overwhelm her and she has an insane attraction to a woman who irritates her. I can see why Sarah is so smitten with Bethany because I fancy her as well! (I have so much love for beguiling and studious women who are not afraid to own their desires… wicked wink!)

The Writing Style

My coffee cup will always be raised in your honor, A.L. Brooks! I’m a huge sucker for a realistic romance and this one definitely hits the spot. I enjoyed the slow build up to the sizzling connection and attraction between Sarah and Bethany. There was a point in time where I felt like a voyeur because the vivid descriptions made me feel as though I was witnessing every intimate moment between these gorgeous women first hand. 

The Pros

I must say that window shopping has taken on a whole new meaning for me because Bethany certainly got more than what she was looking for! Who knows, I may have the pleasure of meeting my very own Sarah just like that one day (It’s time for me to search for a sex-toy store and do some window shopping…)

The Cons

You won’t get any complaints from me!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This quirky romance kept me entertained long into the night because Bethany and Sarah were at odds from the first moment. I’m giving you a heads up—don’t read this book at night if you want to get to work on time the next day because you’re going to get sucked into Sarah and Bethany’s world. I spent a glorious (although sleepless) night arguing with my kindle as these headstrong women made so many blunders while they struggled with their own hang-ups and the growing feelings they had for each other.

Excerpt from One Way Or Another by A.L. Brooks

The sun reflected off the window, obscuring the view of the shop inside. Still, Bethany was hyperaware of the products on display. She shuffled her feet and coughed but didn’t move towards the door. In the window, she caught the reflection of another woman’s easy smile, as if she frequented sex-toy stores all the time. Even in the distorted reflection, the woman was incredibly attractive. Maybe two inches taller than Bethany’s five-foot-eight, she had dark hair cut in a pixie style that suited her high cheekbones and elegant jawline. She was dressed in a dark-coloured trouser suit with a jacket that dipped in at her waist and flared out slightly over her hips. It was a sophisticated look, and the woman carried it off with style. Her smile was wide, and although Bethany was tempted to return it, her nerves over the adventure she was about to undertake prevented her lips from moving.

A soft breeze lifted Bethany’s hair and brought her back to herself. Her eyes focused on the window before her, and the tantalizing array of products on sale. She could barely believe she was here, and although her heart was thumping in her chest at the prospect of climbing those stairs and walking through the door, at the same time a thrill was coursing through her. Shopping online would have been far easier, and less nerve wracking, but Bethany had always known it would come to this for this particular purchase. Seeing—and touching—would be essential to make the correct choice.

Vibrator. Even the word sent a shiver of anticipated pleasure skittering down her spine to settle somewhere deep between her legs. In this day and age, buying a vibrator was commonplace for many women—but not Bethany. She’d made the decision back in college to focus on her studies and her ambition to become a teacher, and as a result, sex and relationships had fallen by the wayside, easily discarded in the pursuit of a higher goal. Now that the goal had been obtained, and she was five years into her teaching career, old urges—and some new ones that she really wasn’t sure what to do with—had surfaced, and were in desperate need of attention.

So, here she was, standing outside a sex shop in the heart of London, the thirty-minute Tube journey having done nothing to calm her nervous excitement. Her palms were damp, and she wiped them on the pleats of the light summer dress she wore. She adjusted her handbag on her shoulder, and pushed a few wayward strands of hair back behind the arms of her glasses.

“They have lots more inside, you know.”

She jumped.

“God, I’m so sorry. I thought you heard me approach.”

The voice was deeper than her own, with a hint of huskiness about it that caused a disconcerting fluttering sensation across the back of Bethany’s neck. She turned her head, meeting the gaze of the tall woman in the suit, who was now smiling widely at her.

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