This London Love by Clare Lydon is a lesbian light-romance novel, if you love rom-com’s then this the book for you.

The book stars Kate, sister-in-law and room-mate to Jess (the main character from London calling). Kate is surrounded by happy couples and has pretty much given up hope of ever finding love.

Kate is an award winning art director at a women’s fitness magazine. While Kate has a successful career and a London home that most would die for, she isn’t so lucky with her love life. While flower shopping for her uncle’s funeral she meets a gorgeous (and straight looking) florist, Meg.

Meg is a florist who has a hard time with confrontation, which has lead to her living in the same house as her ex for the past nine months. Despite her mother and brother pushing her to move on with her life she has never had the motivation to do anything about it, well that is until she meets Kate.

The Characters

Tamara: Lydon is very talented at writing characters and in this book particularly each character is very much an individual who you get to know and form a bond with.

The book is written so that you get to see both Meg and Kate’s lives through their eyes. This is a great technique for getting their perspectives as the story unfolds.

Tara: I really enjoyed my time with Kate and Meg. They’re lovely and sweet, and my heart broke for them during their inevitable crisis. They both have very good character arcs (especially Meg) and I was cheering for them and their happily ever after at the end of the book.

The Writing Style

Tamara: The writing style embodies what I love about British books, it’s tight, clean and witty. And while the book follows a pretty standard romantic comedy plot, it manages to not be formulaic.

Tara: This London Love has everything I want from a romcom. It’s light and cute, but with enough drama and angst to keep things interesting. The story is paced well with a compelling style that’s quite addictive, and I found myself making excuses to do chores just so I could keep listening to it.

The Narration

Tara: Emily Bennet did a fabulous job with the narration and is part of why I found myself immediately slipping into Kate and Meg’s world. I found it easy to follow who was who, she did a decent job narrating the men’s parts, and I suspect that her performance made me want to throttle Meg’s ex, Tanya, even more than I would have if I’d read it on my Kindle.

The Pros

Tamara: I loved that Meg was not perfect, and while Kate pretty much falls in love with her at first sight, Lydon never lets her be on a pedestal.

The friction between Meg and Kate mirrors the hurdles that real life relationships go through, and it shows that happy endings can happen to real people, and that they are not possible without some work along the way.

Tara: Hands down, Meg and Kate and their adorable romance is the best part of This London Love for me. Everything else worked too, but I loved them so much and they’re my new favourite characters in all of the books I’ve read (or listened to!) by Lydon so far.

The Cons

Tamara: none.

Tara: I don’t have anything! Even the new cover is adorable and it helps readers know they’ll be picking up a romcom.

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

Tamara: This London Love by Clare Lydon is a cute love story, perfect for when you want to lose yourself in a fun, zingy romance.

Tara: This London Love is an absolutely delicious, adorable, wonderful book. It was a perfect pick-me-up that arrived exactly when I needed it, and I highly recommend it (especially if you need something fun and sweet to take your mind off of anything).

Excerpt from This London Love by Clare Lydon

“Oh, you’re going to hell,” Kate said, laughing. “Along with me, by the way. I just went to organise the flowers and my oh my, the florist is smokin’ hot.”

Vicky let out a hoot of delight as she made the tea.

“I mean, properly gorgeous. But straight too, obviously.” Kate shrugged and took the biscuit tin from her sister.

Seconds later, Vicky plonked herself opposite Kate at the kitchen table. “Why straight too, obviously?” Vicky swept some of her long hair out of her face and eyeballed her sister.

“You know,” Kate replied. “She’s a florist.”

Vicky gave Kate a look. “And that means she’s straight because?”

“How many lesbian florists do you know?”

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The Series

London Romance Series

London Calling

This London Love

A Girl Called London

The London of Us

London, Actually

Made in London

Hot London Nights

Big London Dreams

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Publisher: Custard Books (June 24, 2015)

ISBN: 9780993321238

Audiobook Publisher: Audible Studios

Narrator: Emily Bennet

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