London Actually by Clare LydonLondon, Actually by Clare Lydon is the fifth book in her London Romance series. It’s truly a standalone story, so don’t let the idea of four other books hold you back if you haven’t read the others.

Cleo Nightingale is finally ready to date again, but she’s learned her lesson after her marriage fell apart—no more partnering up with significantly younger women. Even so, when the lovely, obviously much-younger, Becca Cramer ends up at the same table as her at a wedding reception, Cleo is charmed and agrees to head over to a gay bar in Soho with her.

After going from one woman to the next since the age of sixteen, Becca’s sworn off love for a year. Now that she’s finished uni and is about to start her career, it’s time for her to focus on herself, not on her sex life. Cleo being her gorgeous and interesting self isn’t helping matters, but one night out and a shared drunken kiss surely don’t count as breaking her vow.

They’re each in for the shock of their life the following Monday when Becca starts her first day at a new job and Cleo is her department head. They obviously can’t act on any attraction now, but can they really fight it forever?

The Characters

Given how much I’ve loved the other characters in this series, I wasn’t surprised to fall for Cleo and Becca too.

Becca is wise beyond her twenty-three years, since she’s the youngest of five kids. She’s smart, funny, and driven, and has a formidable backbone that might catch some by surprise. It’s easy to see why Cleo is drawn to her, even as she doesn’t want to be, since she still has some massive baggage left over from the end of her marriage. Despite their best efforts, the attraction between them is palpable almost right away, making their journey fun to follow and difficult to put down.

Also, for fans of the series, you’ll be happy to know that we get to reconnect with many of the characters from the rest of the series (in fact, one of Becca’s sisters is Rachel from The London of Us). Again, you don’t have to have read any of the other books, but if you have, you’ll be extra happy with London, Actually.

The Writing Style

It’s a romantic comedy from Clare Lydon, so of course it’s written well! It’s funny and sexy with a touch of angst to keep things interesting, but not so much that it’s ever difficult to read. Comfort reading at its finest.

The Pros

Um, everything?

The Cons

I can’t think of anything.

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

London, Actually is a perfect piece of escapism if you need a break for a few hours. Fans of Lydon’s are sure to love it and if you’ve never read anything by her before, this is a great place to start.

I loved every minute of reading London, Actually and I can’t wait to see what Lydon has up her sleeve next.

Excerpt from London, Actually by Clare Lydon

Cleo had a small battle with her coat before finally managing to insert her arms into the correct holes, shivering as she did so.

Becca got the impression Cleo wasn’t normally a big drinker.

“Right, I’m going this way,” Cleo said, pointing left. Then she frowned. “No, hang on, it’s this way.” She pointed right.

“Shall I walk you home? It might be the safer option.”

Cleo gave her a nod and they walked side by side, their coats done up to ward off the grit of the February morning, their breath swirling around them.

It took less than five minutes to get to Cleo’s flat, which was one of three in a tall, Victorian house. Becca smiled at her as she closed one eye to focus, then the other.

“I should go to bed, because you’re a little blurred.” Cleo gave her a grin.

Becca laughed. “You should.” She paused, touching Cleo’s arm. “I had a great night, though.”

Cleo stared at her face for a moment, then nodded, moving closer to her. “Me, too,” she whispered in her ear. “It’s a shame you’re 23.”

A rush of something skittled down Becca at her words, and when Cleo pulled back, it wasn’t far, leaving her lips hovering near Becca’s.

Before she knew what was happening, Cleo’s lips were on hers, pressing down, insistent, wanting. Seconds later, her tongue was parting Becca’s lips, sliding into her, an arm pulling her close.

Becca gave in and went with it, carried away by the moment. Something fluttered behind her rib cage as she caved to Cleo’s insistence, her kiss passionate, her body moulding into Becca.

Pleasure swirled around her, making her disorientated. Somewhere nearby a dog barked. Cleo gripped her tighter, and Becca lost herself in the urgency of the kiss, desire streaking through her, red and hot.

Until, that is, Cleo pulled away suddenly, alarm slithering onto her face.

The sudden halt left Becca breathless. She wanted to reach up and touch her lips, but instead she clenched her fist by her side, every emotional box she’d begun to open abruptly slammed shut.

It was over before it had even begun, and yet Cleo had left a lasting impression.

Cleo had left Becca wanting more.

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