The Good Girl by Madeleine TaylorThe Good Girl by Madeleine Taylor is an erotic romance with light BDSM elements about vulnerability and how intimate sexual expression can lead to emotional growth.

Emily Evans plays by the book. She works hard and does everything that is expected of her. Her life is a study in moderation, and her career gets the majority of her energy. She sees herself as an average woman living an average life.

While in New York for a convention, she is propositioned by a gorgeous butch in the hotel bar. Acting completely out of character, Emily agrees to meet the mysterious stranger in her hotel room. The encounter rocks Emily’s world. Emily has never experienced so much passion, nor has she ever let go so completely. Suddenly the convention seems unimportant. Shopping for sexy lingerie and killer heels to entice her new lover takes precedent and it feels oh so right.

This enigmatic woman has awakened something in Emily. She’s compelled to find out more about her. Emily’s surprised when she finds a gun in her lover’s bag and even more shocked with the explanation that goes with it.

Will Emily play it safe and go back to being the good girl when she leaves New York or is she going to embrace her bold new persona and go after her mystery woman?

The Characters

Emily Evans is, as the title suggests, a very good girl. She possesses a genuine innocence that makes her likeable from the very first page. She realizes there’s something missing from her very steady life, but she can’t quite define it. She’s never been in love, but she chalks that up to her focus on her career. She’s never experienced real passion, but she’s just accepted that’s how she’s hardwired. When “May” approaches her in the hotel bar, she’s surprised she accepts her offer of no strings sex. A night of sex is one thing, but she doesn’t expect it to completely change the way she sees herself or the strong feelings a stranger could awaken in her. Emily slowly discovers truths about herself that have always been there, buried deep below the surface. She could have easily accepted her time with “May” as a fling. “May” ignites a strong flame inside her, and with her new confidence she’s not afraid to ask for more. Emily has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I loved watching her step out of her comfort zone and embrace her new sexually liberated self.

“May” is about as sexy as a main character can get. She’s either the woman you’ve been waiting for, or the woman you wish you could be. She’s all sorts of debonair and smooth confidence. She knows how to take control of an anonymous tryst and fulfill a woman’s desires even before the woman knows what they might be. However, there’s much more to “May” than meets the eye. Taylor takes the time to make her more than just a breathtaking Lothario. There are nuances to her character, and her encounters with Emily affect her as profoundly as they affect Emily. There is a tender, vulnerable side to her that surfaces in response to her profound connection to Emily. Her character arc is as compelling as Emily’s, and “May” is going to resonate with me for a long time.

The Writing Style

Every aspect of the writing in The Good Girl is top notch. The story is told in first person, present tense which is fitting. The reader gets to be in Emily’s head to experience all the new emotions overwhelming her. The reader learns more about “May” at the same Emily does, so it makes for an intriguing read.

The sex scenes are incredible – a definite five flame rating. I wouldn’t define them as typical BDSM scenarios. The scenes are more about power exchange with an emphasis on the intimate exploration of Emily’s wants and desires. There is clearly an intense emotional connection between the two women that makes every one of their encounters powerful, and they give the term “good girl” an entirely different meaning.

There are a couple of plot twists in this novella that are completely unexpected. They add elements to the story that aren’t usually present in an erotic novella. They make for a story that feels more like a full-length novel, and it provided me with an unexpected, delightful ending.

The Pros

The Good Girl is a lesson in consent. At the onset of every sexual encounter, “May” asks Emily if she is alright with the situation, and “May” checks in with her during the scenes to make sure Emily is enjoying what’s going on. The manner in which Taylor writes this is sexy, and it somehow makes “May” all the more swoon worthy.

The Cons

There are noticeable typos sprinkled throughout the book, but it didn’t keep me from being glued to my Kindle.

Jeannie's Favourite Booksvictorias favourite booksThe Conclusion

I just adored reading this sexy erotic romance. Getting to know Emily, her hopes and fears was a treat. Her journey of discovery was riveting, and I’m not just talking about her sexual desires. “May” is pretty much the perfect leading woman. When she’s in any scene, her presence just electrifies it. I love the plot twists in this novella, and I certainly didn’t expect the ending. I hope more readers give this debut novella a try. I know I can’t wait to read the next offering from this talented author.

Excerpt from The Good Girl by Madeleine Taylor

My trade show lanyard was still hanging around my neck as I turned to her, giving away my name. She tugged at it, pulling me closer, and I let her.

“Emily Evans.” The way she said it could have passed for an orgasm coming from her mouth, and I think I gasped for a brief second as she pulled me closer to her enticing lips. Her breath was on my face as she looked deep into my lust filled eyes. “Emily Evans, would you like to come to my room?”

Even if I’d wanted to resist, my whole body reacted to her voice, her strong grip and her words in a way that was entirely new to me. No one had ever left me shaking on my feet just by using words alone, and honestly, I was fascinated.

“For what?” I asked, quietly cursing myself for sounding so naïve. I looked around to make sure no one was listening in on our conversation. There would be a lot of gossip if my colleagues knew I was flirting with a woman. No one here knew about this part of me.

“Don’t play innocent with your beautiful icy-gray eyes, you know exactly what I mean.” Her tone was dominant as she took my drink from the bartender and handed it to me. “I want to fuck you, Emily. I want to make you feel like you’ve never felt before.”

“How are you so sure you can do that?” My words didn’t sound one bit convincing, but I said them anyway. I think I tore the lanyard back out of her hand at this point and straightened in an attempt to pull myself together, but it all then became a bit of a blur from there.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” She paused and smiled at me and God, I swear, in that moment, I melted. “I’ll see you in my suite, room number 935. In an hour.” It was a command rather than a request, and after the way my body reacted to her only moments ago, how could I say no?

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